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Health benefits of eating foods high in zinc!

Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, infertility, cancer, diabetes, acne & depression... Foods high in zinc are vital to the human body.

Do sunglasses expire?

Do sunglasses expire? How often should you replace them? How to clean lenses properly? Mistakes to avoid to protect your eyesight.

Can sunglasses protect against UV and blue light?

Can sunglasses protect you from the dangerous blue light, except UV radiation? How effective can be? What about polarized lenses?

How can I protect my eye health from the harmful blue light?

18 ways to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light. Glasses, diet, eye exercises & certain types of lamps can protect your good eyesight.

Eye exercises to improve vision naturally

How to Improve your vision naturally. What eye exercises to do daily? Can you really have better eyesight without glasses?

The best and worst foods for eye health & good eyesight.

The worst foods for eye health are foods rich in trans-fats, sugar, and salt. Also, frying with certain vegetable oils is bad for your eyesight.

Can diet improve and protect your eyesight naturally?

Food can provide unique carotenoids and other antioxidants, so powerful that can protect or even improve our eyesight. Eyes need more than vitamin A...