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Best nuts & seeds for protein!

Can we depend on seeds and nuts that are high in protein, such as peanuts & hemp seeds, to meet our daily protein requirements?

What foods are the best biotin sources?

Eat foods rich in biotin, such as peanuts for healthy hair, nails & skin. Other good biotin sources are sunflower seeds, almonds & walnuts.

Are canned turnip greens good for you?

Do canned turnip greens have the same nutritional value as fresh ones? Are canned foods bad for my health, due to extra salt, or chemicals?

Paprika benefits & uses for a glowing skin!

Use paprika in recipes, as it's particularly rich in vitamin A, carotenoids and other antioxidants. So, it's ideal for a glowing young skin!

Not only carrot greens are edible, but they’re more beneficial than the root.

You can eat carrot greens. Not only, they're 100% edible, but also they have amazing health benefits, due to their unique nutritional value.

Can I eat broccoli leaves?

Not only you can eat broccoli leaves, but also, they're great in smoothies & other healthy recipes, instead of kale, spinach or other greens.

Does eating late at night cause weight gain?

What's the best food to eat before bed? Eating late at night isn't bad for weight loss. That's a myth. Prefer healthy food. Avoid emotional snacking.

Pomegranate juice benefits for the skin!

Pomegranate juice protects the skin from aging, due to its high antioxidant content, effective hydration, and boosting collagen synthesis!

Oregano is good for you, due to the extremely high carvacrol content.

Certainly, dried oregano is good for you, but oregano essential oil has unique health benefits, due to the high carvacrol content.

Health benefits of microgreens, due to their superior nutritional value.

Microgreens are up to 260 times richer in nutrients than mature plants. The health benefits are astonishing. They may protect from cancer or heart diseases

How to eat dandelion greens to benefit from their nutritional value?

You can eat all parts of the dandelion plant, either raw in salads or cooked. Raw dandelion greens are higher in vitamin C, calcium, zinc & beta-carotene.

Vitamin C in tomato, ketchup & tomato juice!

How much vitamin C does a tomato contain? Is it enough for our daily needs? What's the vitamin C content of tomato juice or ketchup?