What foods & supplements can help you quit smoking easier?

Can eating certain foods help you quit smoking?

Certain foods have unique properties that can help you quit smoking. Additionally, inhaling pepper essential oil is particularly beneficial for quitting smoking easier.

What happens when you quit smoking cigarettes?

When you quit smoking you’ll probably experience a series of withdrawal symptoms.

Firstly, people who quit smoking have to deal with physical symptoms. Cough, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, or even dizziness are common symptoms.

Furthermore, you’ll probably deal with emotional or mental withdraw symptoms, as well. Anxiety, stress, cravings, or even depression are common symptoms after quitting smoking.

Certainly, the first week is pretty ugly… After the first week the physical symptoms go away, though. The hardest part is to deal with the mental or emotional symptoms.

In this physical and mental journey diet changes are important, as well. Switching to healthier foods can really help you.

The easy way to stop smoking

Actually, there is no easy way to stop smoking. Everyone is different.

I’ve seen friends and family to quit smoking with totally different ways. For instance, my sister quit smoking the day she got pregnant. Others need more time.

From my personal experience, you firstly have to change your habits. I was never an active person. Then I started running and improved my lifestyle altogether. Quitting of smoking came naturally. I had found my reason…

I didn’t use any nicotine replacements or any other therapy. I was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Running and following a whole food plant-based diet was enough for me. As personal advice, I suggest that firstly you should find your reason…

Additionally, if you want to find inspiration, you could read this best-seller book for quitting smoking. It has helped millions.

Black pepper essential oil can help you quit smoking

Did you know that essential oils can help you quit smoking easier? The best essential oil for quitting smoking is black pepper, though.

Studies have proven that inhalation of vapor from black pepper extract can reduce smoking withdrawal symptoms (1).

Just one drop of black pepper essential oil on a tissue is enough. Just inhale the vapor of the essential oil for 2 minutes. It seems that decreases cravings of nicotine (2).

Furthermore, you could use a diffuser. Diffusers are greatly used in aromatherapy. Use a diffuser to constantly inhale a smooth mist of black pepper essential oil when you try to quit smoking.

Other essential oils, such as mint, have no such properties. Only participants who used black pepper essential oil reduced their cravings for smoking cigarettes.

Furthermore, inhaling of black pepper could relieve anxiety after quitting smoking.

You can find black pepper essential oil under $10 on Amazon.

Other essential oils that can help you quit smoking

Certainly, black pepper essential oil is the best supplement to help you quit smoking. However, another great essential oil is angelica.

Scientists found that angelica essential oil reduced desire for nicotine. Also, angelica extract allowed a longer delay before the next cigarette (2).

Additionally, you could inhale lavender or peppermint essential oil.

Firstly, inhaling lavender essential oil may help you deal with headaches. Inhaling it is good for the relief of acute migraine headaches (3).

Additionally, peppermint essential oil can also relief you from headaches. It has powerful analgesic properties (4).

What food you should eat for quitting smoking easier?

Changing habits is so important for quitting smoking. Eating healthier can really help you stop this nasty habit forever. Moreover, smoking cigarettes inhibits the absorption of important nutrients, such vitamins C and vitamin D. Above all, you should increase the intake of vitamin C and D, even after quitting smoking cigarettes.

Eat foods high in omega-3s after quitting smoking

According to studies, smokers tend to have lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA. That’s pretty disturbing. Low consumption of omega-3s has linked to chronic oxidative diseases, such as cancer (5).

Luckily, high consumption of foods high in omega-3s seems to interfere in smoking habit. In other words, eating foods high in omega-3s may help you quit smoking. Although further studies are needed, the data are promising (6).

Flaxseeds, chia seeds and walnuts are the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. See the whole list here.

If you’re a smoker you should eat foods high in omega-3s daily. Additionally, you could benefit from taking an omega-3 supplement. You need an omega-3 supplement that contains both EPA and DHA. Prefer plant-based omega-3 supplements from algae. Algae are grown in tanks, away from ocean pollution.

The only supplement that I use daily for years is omega-3s from algae. Any omega-3 supplement from this list deserves the cost.

Why high vitamin C intake is vital if you’re a smoker or just quit?

Smoking cigarettes severe affects serum vitamin C levels. Smokers are most likely to have low levels of vitamin C (7).

One reason is that smokers tend to consume only a few foods high in vitamin C. But that isn’t the only reason.

Smoking per se seems to lower serum vitamin C.

Therefore, increased vitamin C consumption is important. Only a plant-based diet can provide high amounts of vitamin C. Only plants contain vitamin C.

So, besides orange juices, eat lots of lemons, peppers, strawberries and kiwis, as all are high in vitamin C. Even vegetables, such as tomatoes, kale, and broccoli are high in vitamin C. See the whole list here.

If you’re a smoker or just quitting smoking cigarettes you may benefit from vitamin C supplements, as well. It’s a pretty cheap way to instantly increase your vitamin C intake. Moreover, vitamin C supplementation is considered pretty safe (8).

There are many options on Amazon. Prefer 500 mg tablets, though. The human body can’t absorb much more in just a meal. Excess vitamin C is extracted through urine… If you buy vitamin C tablets of 1000 mg cut them in half (9).

Take vitamin D supplements

Certainly, vitamin D is among the most important vitamins for the human body. Vitamin D deficiencies have linked to many health issues.

For instance, vitamin D deficiency in smokers has linked with lower lung function and lung function decline (10).

On the other hand, sufficient amounts of vitamin D may protect lung function of smokers.

There are 2 ways to boost your daily vitamin D intake, though. Exposure to sunlight and vitamin D supplements.

Foods aren’t good sources of vitamin D. Only some mushrooms contain high amounts of vitamin D (11).

Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin. That’s because the human body can produce it when the skin is exposed to sun. Exposure to sun is the best way to boost the natural production of vitamin D.

Certainly, if you’re a smoker, or just quit smoking, you could benefit from vitamin D supplements, as well. Actually, most people have low levels of serum vitamin D. Take a 5,000 IU tablet daily. It’s the cheapest way to increase vitamin D intake. It’ll cost you under $30 a year. Even fortified foods aren’t as inexpensive.

Moreover, dietary fat can increase vitamin D absorption (12). Seeds and nuts are the best sources of healthy fats…

Although they’re pretty safe, consult your health care provider before taking a supplement. Especially if you’re under medication.

Eat lots of foods low in calories

When you quit smoking cigarettes you’ll want to eat more. It’s another withdrawal symptom. Your body will crave for carbs, sugar and fatty foods.

When you crave you shouldn’t eat sweets. On the contrary, you should eat lots of healthy foods. For example, fruits are great. They are naturally high in sugars, but in fiber and many other micronutrients as well. They’re particularly rich in many vitamins. For example, vitamin C…

What other food you should eat after quitting smoking? Most plant-based foods are low in calories. Try to eat lots of vegetables, herbs and legumes. You won’t gain weight. No matter how much you eat.

On the other hand, try to limit your cereal consumption. Bread as well. Bread can make you fat. Cravings after quitting smoking are bad. You’ll probably eat much more than you think.

Eating lots of foods low in calories is the best way to quit smoking without gaining gain. More tips for losing weight on a plant-based diet here.