What’s the best time to eat an apple for weight loss?

The best time to eat an apple for weight loss is 30′ before a high-calorie meal. Apple regulates appetite, protects from oxidative stress, and helps us consume fewer calories in a day!

Apples help you lose weight

Many studies have shown that the consumption of apples can help overweight people lose weight.

Apples help us lose weight, as they’re pretty rich in polyphenols, dietary fiber, carotenoids, and many other nutrients which help the body burn more body fat.

Polyphenols are organic compounds in plants which have powerful antioxidant properties. They neutralize free radicals, preventing oxidative stress which can lead to obesity. Polyphenols in apples have anti-obesity effects![1]

Additionally, apples have a huge satiating effect, as they’re particularly rich in dietary fiber. A medium apple with the skin has about 4.1g of fiber.[2]

Above all, prefer buying organic apples, in order, to eat them with the skin. The skin of an apple is pretty rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, like iron. It actually contains about 50% of the apple’s fiber content! Also, it’s the richest part in vitamin C! But, apples are heavily treated with chemicals and their skin contains most pesticide residues.[3]

A diet high in fiber can help you lose more body weight and improve body composition. Fiber can regulate appetite and helps us consume fewer calories in a day. Caloric deficit is key for weight loss. We need about 28g of fiber per a 2,000-calorie diet.[4] On the contrary, diets low in fiber have been linked to an increased risk of obesity!

Also, apples are particularly rich in pectin; a type of soluble fiber that suppresses hunger hormones and promotes weight loss.[5] It absorbs high amounts of water and expands, creating a high-in-volume gelatinous mass. So, the stomach is full for a longer time. Hence, we feel full for longer, consuming fewer calories.

Moreover, apples have a pretty low glycemic index of 39.[6] They won’t rise your blood sugar levels as much. It means that you can eat them as a snack without gaining weight. Apple sugar is mainly fructose. First, fructose has to be metabolized by the liver. Therefore, it won’t spike blood sugar. On the contrary, it can keep energy levels up for a longer time than table sugar or honey.

The best time to eat an apple is before a high-calorie meal

The best time to eat an apple for losing weight is 30′ before a high-calorie meal. Fiber in apple will expand in the stomach, reducing hunger. Drink a glass of water for better results. You’ll eat less, as you’ll feel full.

For instance, a slice of pizza has about 285 calories. If you eat pizza on an empty stomach, most people can easily eat 5-6 slices. That’s about 1700 calories. Next time, eat an apple half an hour before eating pizza. Apple will reduce your appetite. You’ll probably feel full after eating 3-4 slices. That’s 570 fewer calories! Moreover, a medium apple has only 96 calories.

Keep in mind that apple juice can’t reduce hunger. It has no fiber! On the contrary, it’s high in sugars and calories. So, it can make us gain weight. Especially, if you drink apple juice before bed.

Eat apple as a healthy snack to lose weight

Furthermore, eating an apple between meals, as a healthy snack, is good for weight loss. Actually, you can eat apples whenever you feel hungry. An apple can keep you full until the next meal. It’s an easy on-the-go snack with under 100 calories.

Eating an apple, or a banana, is actually good for weight loss. Yes, fruits have sugars. But, they’re rich in fiber and vitamins, which are necessary for fat metabolism.

Actually, fruits can help overweight people lose weight and reduce body fat percentage. Apples are among the best fruit options for weight loss. They can significantly reduce body weight and improve Body Mass Index, as long as people follow a hypocaloric diet.[7,8]

You should prefer eating fruits, such as apples, if you want to lose weight, instead of other healthy snacks, such as breadsticks or rice crackers. Fruits have more vitamins than processed products.

Moreover, you can sprinkle cinnamon on top of apple slices. Cinnamon may reduce blood glucose levels after a meal. It seems to have antidiabetic properties. These effects are vital for obese people who want to lose weight.[9,10]