What’s the best time to eat an apple for weight loss?

The best time to eat an apple for weight loss is 30′ before a high-calorie meal. Apple regulates appetite, protects from oxidative stress, and helps us consume fewer calories in a day!

Apples help you lose weight

Apples help overweight people lose weight. They’re pretty rich in polyphenols, fiber, carotenoids, and many other nutrients which help the body burn belly fat.

Polyphenols are organic compounds in plants with powerful antioxidant properties. They neutralize free radicals, preventing oxidative stress, which can cause obesity. Polyphenols in apples have anti-obesity effects![1]

Additionally, apples are super filling. as they’re particularly rich in fiber. A medium apple with the skin provides up to 15% of the Daily Value.[2]

A diet high in fiber supports weight loss and improves body composition. Fiber regulates appetite and reduces energy intake. On the contrary, diets low in fiber have been linked to an increased risk of obesity![3]

Also, apples are particularly rich in pectin; a type of soluble fiber that suppresses hunger hormones and promotes weight loss. It absorbs high amounts of water and expands in the stomach, creating a high-in-volume gelatinous mass. So, the stomach is full for a long time and sends satiating signals to the brain.[4]

Moreover, apples have a pretty low glycemic index of 39. They won’t rise your blood sugar levels as much. Eating foods with a low glycemic index is good for weight loss.[5]

Above all, prefer buying organic apples in order to eat them with the skin. The skin of an apple is the richest part in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, like iron. It actually contains about 50% of the apple’s fiber content! Also, it’s the richest part in vitamin C! But, apples are heavily treated with chemicals. The skin contains most pesticide residues.[6]

The best time to eat an apple is before a high-calorie meal

The best time to eat an apple for weight loss is 30′ before a high-calorie meal. Fiber in apple will expand in the stomach, reducing hunger. So, eating an apple before lunch or dinner can help you consume fewer calories in total.

Moreover, a great time to eat an apple is in the morning. Fiber in the apple suppresses hunger hormones for the rest of the day. It can control total energy intake! Drink a glass of water for a greater filling effect. Also, water supports weight loss, as it’s involved in fat metabolism.

However, apple juice isn’t good for weight loss, as it has no fiber! Actually, it’s high in sugars and calories. So, it can cause belly fat. Especially, if you drink apple juice before bed.

The best time to drink apple juice is after a workout. After strenuous exercise, the body has increased insulin sensitivity. Sugars of apple juice are beneficial for muscle recovery. They are stored as muscle glycogen, instead of body fat, when consumed after exercise.

Apple is the best snack for weight loss

Actually, you can eat a whole apple whenever you feel hungry. Apple can reduce cravings for fattening food. It’s an easy on-the-go snack with less than 100 calories.

Actually, fruits can help overweight people lose weight and reduce body fat percentage. Actually, apples are among the best fruits for weight loss. They can significantly reduce body weight and improve Body Mass Index, as long as you follow a hypocaloric diet.[7,8]

Moreover, you can sprinkle cinnamon on top of apple slices or any other food high in carbs (e.g. oatmeal). Cinnamon may control blood glucose responses after a carbohydrate-rich meal. It seems to have antidiabetic properties as well as many other beneficial effects for obese people.[9,10]

You should prefer eating apples or other fruits (e.g. banana) if you want to lose weight, instead of other snacks, like breadsticks or rice crackers. Fruits have more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than processed products.

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