Is avocado high in carbs & sugar?

Avocado is low in carbs & sugar. It has approximately 8 g of carbs and 0.3-2.4 g of sugar per 100g. The amounts of carbs in avocado depend on the variety.

How many carbs do avocados have?

Avocados are poor in carbs. They’re mainly fat and protein. The carbohydrate content depends on the variety:

  • California avocados have 8.6 g of carbs per 100g. A whole California avocado has 11.8 g of carbs. A typical serving has only 4.3 g of carbs.[1]
  • Florida avocados have 7.8 g of carbs per 100g. They have about 9% fewer carbs than California avocados. A serving has 3.9 g of carbs. A whole Florida avocado has 23.8 g of carbs. Florida avocados are larger than other varieties.

What types of carbs are in avocados?

Actually, avocados are rich in fiber. They have approximately 6.7 g of fiber per 100g! In fact, they’re among the best sources of dietary fiber.

Avocados have negligible amounts of starch.

Do avocados have sugar?

The rest of carbs is sugar. Avocados have between 0.3 g and 2.4 g of sugar per 100g, depending on the variety. A serving has up to 1.2 g of sugar!

Sugar in avocado consists of 20% sucrose, 27% glucose, 27% fructose, and 27% galactose.

What’s the carbohydrate content of other avocado-based foods?

Guacamole, a favorite avocado-based dip, has only 6.5 g of carbs per 100g. A tbsp has less than 1 g of fiber, whereas a typical serving has approximately 6 g of carbs. Guacamole has less than 1 g of sugar per 100g. A serving has about 0.5 g of sugar.

An avocado toast has a much higher carbohydrate content than raw avocado. It has approximately 22 g of carbs per 100g, or 17 g per serving. Still, avocado toast is low in sugar. It has 1.3 g of sugar per 100g, or almost 1 g of sugar per serving. Most carbs of avocado toast come from wheat flour. However, wheat bread is mainly starch, not sugar.

Last, but not least, avocado oil has no carbs or sugar. As all vegetable oils, avocado oil is almost 100% fat.

Certain avocado-based foods are high in sugar

Most avocado sweets and processed products, such as crackers, bars, cookies, or dressings, are much higher in carbs than raw avocados. They’re high in starch or added sugar.

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Carbohydrate & sugar content of common avocado foods.

Avocado has fewer carbs than other common fruits

Most fruits are high in carbs and sugar. Especially, dried fruits and fruit juices can skyrocket the daily sugar intake. Only lemon juice is low in carbs and sugar.

Avocado has a similar carbohydrate content to other low-carb fruits, such as watermelon, and cantaloupe. Also, all fresh berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are low in carbs.

Most other favorite fruits, such as apples, and bananas, have much higher amounts of carbs and sugar.

Does avocado raise blood sugar?

As avocado is low in carbs and sugar, it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels. Hence, the best time to eat avocado for weight loss is between meals on an empty stomach.

Moreover, as avocado is low in carbs, it helps controls glycemic responses and improve sleep quality. It’s a great night snack as well.

People with diabetes can consume avocado as well.

However, as avocado is a calorie-dense fruit, you should be very cautious with portion sizes.

Is avocado keto-friendly?

Furthermore, avocado is ideal for a ketogenic diet. As it’s low in net carbs, people on keto can consume high amounts.

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