What’s the best time to eat blueberries for weight loss?

The best time to eat a cup of raw blueberries for weight loss is before a calorie-dense meal or at breakfast with oatmeal. They reduce the secretion of hunger hormones.

Eat blueberries before a high-calorie meal for weight loss

The best time to eat blueberries for weight loss is before a high-calorie meal. Blueberries reduce appetite, as they’re high in fiber and water. So, they can help you consume fewer total calories in a day without feeling hungry!

Foods high in water, fiber, and protein have the highest satiating effect.[1]

However, you should eat only raw blueberries if you want to lose weight. Frozen and dried blueberries have more calories. Even frozen blueberries are usually sweetened with added sugar.

Furthermore, raw blueberries are particularly high in water. In fact, they’re 84% water. Frozen blueberries are 77% water, while dried blueberries are only 15% water.

Proper hydration is key for belly fat burning. Adults have to drink at least 64 oz water per day. If you don’t like drinking tap water, you should at least consume a wide variety of foods high in water, such as raw blueberries, cucumber, watermelons, or tomatoes.

Eat blueberries at breakfast to lose weight

Moreover, a great time to eat blueberries for weight loss is at breakfast. Consuming blueberries in the morning regulates the secretion of satiating hormones, reducing total energy intake!

For the most filling breakfast that burns belly fat, eat blueberries with oatmeal. First, oatmeal is high in protein. Blueberries contain negligible amounts. Most noteworthy, when combining anthocyanins (blueberries) with beta-glucan (oatmeal) substantially increases satiety!

Eat blueberries to satisfy your sweet tooth

Another great time to eat blueberries for weight loss is whenever you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. Raw blueberries are a healthy dessert with fewer calories than most sweets.

However, you can eat only small amounts of dried blueberries. They’re high in sugar and calories. On the other hand, we can eat much higher amounts of raw or frozen blueberries.

A great time to eat blueberries is after exercise

The body has increased insulin sensitivity after a workout. So, the best time to eat foods high in sugar is after strenuous exercise. Thus, athletes can eat raw, frozen, or even dried blueberries after exercise. Sugar in blueberries helps replenish muscle glycogen stores.

What’s the worst time to eat blueberries for weight loss?

On the contrary, the worst time of the day to eat dried blueberries for weight loss is right before bedtime. Sugar late at night can cause weight gain. Also, you should have dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, you have increased risk of obesity!

High doses of dried blueberries as well as other blueberry products with added sugar at night can make you fat.

However, you could eat 1 cup of raw blueberries at dinner. They have compounds that aid in sleep.

Moreover, you shouldn’t eat blueberries right before exercise. Fiber in blueberries may cause bloating or discomfort.

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