pickled beets are bad for you

Are pickled beets good for you?

Although raw beets have many health benefits, due to their high content of minerals, vitamins & polyphenols, pickled beets are bad for you.

Are banana peppers good for you? Do pickled or jarred peppers have any health benefits?

Are banana peppers good for you?

Only raw banana peppers are good for you. Pickled peppers don’t have any health benefits. Actually, they’re probably bad for your health.

protein in banana

How much protein is in a banana?

Banana has a decent protein content. A banana contains up to 1.6 g of protein! Banana chips, bread & flour have also a medium protein content.

Common foods rich in zinc for vegetarians and vegans

Plant-based foods high in zinc!

Cereals & legumes are good plant-based sources of zinc. Also, a handful of seeds and nuts could help you meet your daily needs,

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