Lentils are rich in protein.

Are lentils rich in protein?

Lentils are great plant-based sources of protein. They’re about 31% protein. Cooked lentils have 9 g of protein per 100g, or 18 g per serving.

Lentils have 114 calories per 100g.

Are lentils high in calories?

Lentils have only 114 calories per 100g and 226 calories per serving. 67% of calories come from carbs, while 31% come from protein.

Chickpeas are pretty high in carbs.

Are chickpeas high in carbs?

Chickpeas are pretty high in carbs. They have 27.4 g carbs per 100g, or 45 g per serving! They consist of starch, fiber & sugars.

Chickpeas, hummus & falafel are high in calories.

Are chickpeas high in calories?

Chickpeas are high in calories. They have 164 calories per 100g or 270 calories per serving. Hummus & falafel are also high in calories!

Chickpeas are rich in fiber!

Are chickpeas high in fiber?

Chickpeas as well as other popular chickpea-based recipes (e.g. hummus, falafel) are great dietary sources of fiber.

Mushrooms are high in protein.

Are mushrooms high in protein?

Mushrooms are good dietary sources of protein. Actually, they’re 20-45% protein. A serving provides up to 3 g of protein.

Mushrooms are high in fiber.

Are mushrooms high in fiber?

Mushrooms are excellent sources of dietary fiber. A serving of most common mushrooms provides 2-3 g of fiber, or 8-12% DV.

tomatoes are high in fiber!

Are tomatoes high in fiber?

Raw tomatoes, as well as most tomato products, are good dietary sources of fiber. A tomato contains up to 2.2 g of fiber, or almost 8% DV