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Health benefits of microgreens, due to their superior nutritional value.

Microgreens are up to 260 times richer in nutrients than mature plants. The health benefits are astonishing. They may protect from cancer or heart diseases

How to eat dandelion greens to benefit from their nutritional value?

You can eat all parts of the dandelion plant, either raw in salads or cooked. Raw dandelion greens are higher in vitamin C, calcium, zinc & beta-carotene.

How much vitamin C in a tomato, ketchup or tomato juice?

How much vitamin C does a tomato contain? Is it enough for our daily needs? What's the vitamin C content of tomato juice or ketchup?

Top 20 plants where chlorophyll is found in.

Not all vegetables are high in chlorophyll. In the top 30 list of foods rich in chlorophyll are spinach, kale, wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina & celery.

Is Agave nectar, Honey, or Maple syrup the best natural sweetener?

Agave nectar is high in fructose, bad for the liver. Honey isn't vegan. Maple syrup contains only sugar. So, what's the best sweetener?

What is agave nectar & syrup? Why it’s bad for you?

Agave nectar has marketed as a healthy natural sweeter. But, it's the highest food in fructose, causing weight gain, cholesterol & heart problems.

Omega-3s in fish oil, flaxseed oil, vegan supplements from algae & food

We need omega-3s for good health. What's the best source, though? Fish oil or flaxseed oil? What about algae supplements for EPA & DHA?

Is cabbage low in carbs? Is it good for weight loss or diabetes?

As cabbage is low in carbs and sugars, it's keto-friendly. Contrary, as it's a non-starchy vegetable and it's fiber-rich, cabbage is ideal for weight loss.

Eat Brussels sprouts daily to lose weight & boost your immune system!

Eating Brussels sprouts can help you fight cancer, avoid blood sugar spikes, boost immune system, protect eyesight & bones, lose weigh etc.

Why sweet potatoes in air fryer are good for you? Health benefits.

Sweet potatoes are so nutritious. They are rich in vitamin A, fiber, and even protein. Cook them in an air fryer or pressure cooker for greater health benefits.

How much fiber in potato, sweet potato, and French fries?

Are potatoes rich in fiber? Are they healthy? Dietary fiber content of sweet potato, French fries, potato chips, mashed and baked potatoes.

How much fiber in carrots? Are good for weight loss or diabetes?

Are carrots rich in dietary fiber? What's their carb and sugar content? Can help me lose weight? Are good for diabetics? What about carrot juice?