Raw blueberries contain 2.4 g of fiber per 100g.

Is blueberry rich in fiber?

Fresh blueberries have a high fiber content. They contain 2.4 g of fiber per 100g, or 8% of the DV. Dried blueberries have even more fiber.

how much fiber is in arugula?

Is arugula high in fiber?

Arugula has 1.6 g of fiber per 100g. Eating arugula as well as other green leafy greens could help us meet our daily fiber needs.

soy milk is a good late night snack. It may improve sleep quality.

Is soy milk good before bed?

Soy milk before bed might help you sleep better at night. It’s packed with minerals & isoflavones, which support a good night’s sleep.

Lentils are rich in protein.

Are lentils rich in protein?

Lentils are great plant-based sources of protein. They’re about 31% protein. Cooked lentils have 9 g of protein per 100g, or 18 g per serving.

Lentils have 114 calories per 100g.

Are lentils high in calories?

Lentils have only 114 calories per 100g and 226 calories per serving. 67% of calories come from carbs, while 31% come from protein.

Chickpeas are pretty high in carbs.

Are chickpeas high in carbs?

Chickpeas are pretty high in carbs. They have 27.4 g carbs per 100g, or 45 g per serving! They consist of starch, fiber & sugars.

Chickpeas, hummus & falafel are high in calories.

Are chickpeas high in calories?

Chickpeas are high in calories. They have 164 calories per 100g or 270 calories per serving. Hummus & falafel are also high in calories!

Chickpeas are rich in fiber!

Are chickpeas high in fiber?

Chickpeas as well as other popular chickpea-based recipes (e.g. hummus, falafel) are great dietary sources of fiber.