Papaya is a good dietary source of fiber.

Is papaya rich in fiber?

Papaya is a good dietary source of fiber. An 1-cup serving contains 2.5 g of fiber, or 9% of the recommended daily intake!

What's the sugar content of papaya?

Is papaya high in sugar?

Papaya contains moderate amounts of sugar. An 1-cup serving has 11 g of sugars. Dried, canned & papaya juice are much richer in sugars!

How much sugar is in a serving of beans?

Are beans high in sugar?

Most beans & legumes are low in sugar. They have less than 1 g per serving. Chickpeas are the richest beans in sugar, with 7.9 g per serving!

Is rice rich in sugar?

How much sugar in rice?

Rice is poor in sugar. A serving of white, yellow, or brown rice contains no more than 1 g of sugars. But, it may spike blood sugar levels!

eggs are rich in vitamin B12

Are eggs high in vitamin B12?

Eggs are great dietary sources of vitamin B12. A large egg contains 0.5 mcg of vitamin B12, or 20% of the recommended daily intake.