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Mediterranean diet health benefits. List of foods to eat. What to avoid.

Why is the Mediterranean diet so popular? What are the health benefits? How many weight can you lose? List of foods you can eat. Is it vegan?

A list of top 30 foods high in vitamin C.

What fruits and vegetables have more vitamin C than an orange? How much do we actually need per day? Do we need supplements?

Ideas of healthy, easy & fast homemade vegan breakfast

Your vegan breakfast must be easy, fast, healthy, and tasteful. Use whole-grains, fruits, seeds & nuts are they contain all the nutrients you need.

Healthy breakfast for kids before school. Quick and easy.

A healthy breakfast for kids before school has to be easy to prepare, taste amazing, boost the immune system with vitamins and keep children full for more.

Vegan chocolate smoothie – Healthy snack ideas for kids

Homemade vegan chocolate smoothie is the ultimate snack idea for kids. The most tasteful recipe you've seen. Children just love it.

Common plant-based foods rich in zinc!

Seeds, nuts, cereals, & legumes are the best plant-based dietary sources of zinc. Eat at least 1 handful a day to meet the recommended intake!

Zinc is vital for increased male fertility!

Zinc is a mineral absolutely crucial for male fertility. Eating lots of foods rich in zinc may help you conceive.

Health benefits of eating foods high in zinc!

Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, infertility, cancer, diabetes, acne & depression... Foods high in zinc are vital to the human body.

What foods are rich in vitamin K?

What are the most Vitamin K rich foods? Why should we consume them daily? What's the best diet to follow? Can Vitamin K deficiency occur on a vegan diet?

How much vitamin K per day? Why vitamin K is good for you?

We need vitamin K for a healthy heart, brain, bones, liver, etc. So, how much vitamin K per day should we consume? What foods are rich in vitamin K?

Why are you fat, even if you follow a plant-based diet?

What are common mistakes that fat vegans do? Follow a whole food plant-based diet. Also, avoid fats, sugars, and processed food to lose weight instantly.

11 reasons why drinking green smoothie daily is good for you.

Drink a green smoothie daily to boost your body with nutrients. It's good for losing weight or for muscle recovery. It's the fastest, healthiest meal.