Can I eat chickpeas at night for weight loss?

Chickpeas are good for weight loss. We can eat them at dinner, as they control appetite, decrease cravings for fattening foods, and help us sleep better at night.

Nutritional value of chickpeas

Chickpeas are super nutrient-dense foods. They’re packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant compounds. Actually, chickpeas are among the healthiest foods you can eat. We should consume them regularly.

per 100gper serving
calories (kcal)164269
protein (g)8.8614.5
fat (g)2.594.25
carbs (g)27.445
fiber (g)7.612.5
sugars (g)4.87.9
calcium (mg)4980
iron (mg)2.894.74
magnesium (mg)4879
phosphorus (mg)168276
potassium (mg)291477
zinc (mg)1.532.51
Nutritional value of chickpeas.[1]

Chickpeas are filling foods

Above all, chickpeas are good for weight loss because they have a huge satiating effect. Chickpeas are particularly high in protein and fiber. Foods high in water, protein, and fiber are very filling.[2]

Chickpeas can help us control appetite and decrease cravings for fattening foods. Thus, chickpeas help us consume fewer calories in a day. Caloric deficit is necessary for weight loss.

It’s key to consume plenty of foods that are low in calories but keep us full. Only then you could stick to a weight loss diet plan for a long time.

You could cook chickpeas with mushrooms. Mushrooms taste great with beans. They’re also supper filling foods, having only a few calories.

Chickpeas may help you sleep better at night

Moreover, chickpeas contain many compounds that may help you sleep better at night.

Short sleep duration, insomnia, or other sleep disorders have been linked to increased risk of weight gain, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.[3]

Sleep quality and duration may affect appetite hormones. If we don’t sleep well at night, we have lower levels of leptin (a satiety signal) and high levels of ghrelin (an appetite stimulant)!

According to studies, sleep loss can lead to increased calorie intake, and eventually to obesity.


Above all, chickpeas are good dietary sources of tryptophan, which is involved in melatonin synthesis.[4]

Melatonin is known as the sleep hormone. It regulates night sleep. Thus, eating foods high in melatonin or tryptophan before bed is good for sleeping better at night.


Chickpeas are among the richest foods in magnesium. A serving has about 80 mg of magnesium, or 19% DV (Daily Value).

Following a diet high in magnesium may improve sleep quality: sleep onset latency, early morning awakening, snoring, sleep duration, and daytime falling asleep. Especially in elderly people.[5,6]


Moreover, chickpeas are particularly high in potassium. A serving provides 14% DV.

First, foods high in potassium can help us lose weight. Adequate potassium intakes may also improve sleep quality.[7,8]


Furthermore, chickpeas, as most beans, are high in calcium. A serving provides 8% DV.

High calcium intakes may decrease the difficulty of falling asleep. Along with potassium and magnesium, calcium is important for improved sleep.[9]


Chickpeas are also good sources of selenium. A serving provides 11% DV.

Selenium is a main component of several antioxidant enzymes and provides a neuroprotective effect. It supports weight loss as well.

Reduced selenium intakes have been associated with insomnia and sleep difficulty.[10]


Actually, chickpeas are among the best dietary sources of iron. A serving provides 26% DV!

Iron deficiency is associated with sleep disorders. In contrast, high iron intakes may be beneficial in restless legs syndrome, general sleep disturbances, and sleep disordered breathing.[11]

You could boost your daily iron intake, drinking certain fruit juices.

Last, but not least, you should quit alcohol, coffee, and smoking to improve sleep quality.

Working out and losing weight could also lead to a good night’s sleep.

Can I eat chickpeas at night for weight loss?

Most people can eat a small serving of chickpeas at dinner, even if they want to lose weight.

Certainly, you shouldn’t consume high amounts. Chickpeas are high in calories.

Secondly, chickpeas may cause bloating, gas, and other stomach disturbances to many people. So, their overconsumption could lead to sleep degradation.

If you have a sensitive stomach, better consume other foods before bed, such as popcorn or salads.

What’s the best time of the day to eat chickpeas to lose weight?

The best time to eat chickpeas is at lunch. As chickpeas are mainly carbs, they can provide steady levels of energy throughout the day.

The worst time of the day to eat chickpeas is before a workout or any other physical activity. Due to their high fiber content, chickpeas may make you feel bloated. Also, athletes may experience discomfort, gas, or stomach cramps. Athletes should avoid consuming fiber before exercise.

How many chickpeas can I eat before bed?

1/2 cup of chickpeas is enough for most people who want to lose weight. This small serving has only 135 calories, Most noteworthy, it can reduce late night cravings for fattening snacks.

Can I eat popular chickpea-based foods at night if I’m on a diet?

Hummus and falafel are two popular Middle East foods based on chickpeas. We should eat them in moderation as well. They have a high calorie content. Especially falafel.

Hummus is a spread with about 180 calories per 100g, or 27 calories per tbsp. If you’re on a diet, you should limit to a couple of tablespoons.

Falafel are deep-fried balls. Falafel is high in calories as it’s high in fats. It has 510 calories per 100g. Just a patty has 87 calories. So, you should avoid consuming falafel if you want to lose weight.

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