What’s the best way to chop an onion without crying?

What's the best way to chop an onion without crying?

Onions are the 3rd most consumed vegetables. They have amazing health benefits for the human health. Compounds of onions have anti-carcinogenic, anti-thrombotic, anti-asthmatic and antibiotic properties (1). Certainly, eating onions regularly is good for weight loss. But, what’s the best cooking hacks to chop an onion without crying?

Why chopping onions makes us cry?

Onions are pretty rich in sulfur compounds. Cutting an onion releases sulfoxides and enzymes. They react and create a gas called propanethial-S-oxide. This gas makes us cry.

How to stop onion tears? People use many ways to prevent this gas from burning our eyes. We’ve tried all of them. Only a few are working though…

Always use a sharp knife to chop an onion without crying

The best way to chop an onion without crying is simply by using a really sharp knife.

Firstly, you can chop an onion much faster using a sharp knife. If you’re an experienced cook, you can chop an onion in a minute. Even less. But, if you haven’t sharpened your knife you may need a couple of minutes.

Secondly, we found that using a blunt knife makes us to come closer to the onion. That’s terrible for burning eyes. We suppose to avoid onion gas that makes us cry. Not come closer…

So, maybe it’s time to buy a chef’s knife. There is no need to buy an expensive knife. There are many inexpensive quality chef’s knives. Just a low-cost 6-inch chef’s knife can do the work.

Furthermore, if you do own a chef’s knife, you should sharpen it regularly. Using a knife sharpener is vital for cooking. It really fastens the whole process.

Be sure that your knife is really sharp before cutting onions. It’s the single most important cooking hack for chopping an onion without crying…

Avoid chopping the onion root

Don’t cut the onion root. That’s absolutely crucial. The onion root has the highest concentration of the compounds that make you cry.

Gordon Ramsay does the same. He recommends not to cut the onion root, as well. Furthermore, in the next video, he shows how to cut an onion.

Add water while chopping an onion

Another great advice for cutting an onion without crying is to cover the onion with water. Water seems to inhibit the tear-leading gas to come close to our eyes.

Some people propose to soak the whole onion into a bowl filled with water. Just to chop it. Certainly, this isn’t practical.

We found an easier way. Just cut an onion in half. Then, put it instantly under cold water. Water prevents the onion gas from burning your eyes.

Certainly, you should be fast, as well. Less time cutting an onion means less exposure time to onion gas.

Chill onions before cutting

Another way to cut an onion without crying is to chill it. Just put it in the fridge. For better results, chill it for 30 minutes.

Surprisingly, this cooking hack seems to work. But… who has so much time just for chopping an onion?

Sweet onions don’t burn eyes as much

If you’re really sensitive to onion gas, maybe you should prefer sweet onions. Sweet onions contain much fewer concentrations of the enzymes that cause tears. Compared to yellow and red onions.

Use a food processor to chop onions in bulk

Not all people are equal sensitive to onion gas. If you can’t withstand onion gas, you should consider chopping onions in bulk.

Any food chopper or processor can chop onions easily. The best way to chop onions in a food processor is to quickly cut them in 4 pieces. You can sprinkle cold water, as well. In any case, use a sharp knife.

Storing cut onions ideas

The best way to chop an onion without crying is by using a food processor. Cut onions in bulk. No burning eyes. No tears…

Moreover, you can freeze chopped onions for a long time.

Freezing chopped onions

The best way to store cut onions is in the freezer.

To save space, you can use airtight plastic bags. Prefer plastic bags with an excellent odor protection. For instance, IKEA plastic bags are really handy. You can wash and re-use them.

Furthermore, you can instantly use frozen onions into your recipes.

Storing cut onions in the fridge

Additionally, if you use onions regularly, you could store cut onions in the fridge.

Use an airtight container or a plastic bag, as well.

What’s the equivalent of 1 cup chopped onions?

What if the recipe demands an onion and you only have chopped onions?

As a rule of thumb, 1 cup of chopped onions is the equivalent of a medium onion.