Why should we eat a banana after a workout?

Banana is a great post-workout snack. Sugar in bananas helps replenish muscle glycogen stores, while minerals replenish electrolytes, supporting hydration.

Banana replenishes muscle glycogen stores

Above all, athletes should consume banana after exercise because it helps replenish muscle glycogen stores. It’s the easiest post-workout snack.

Banana is mainly carbs. Athletes should consume carbs right after a workout. Strenuous exercise can deplete muscle glycogen stores. Try to consume carbs as soon as possible after exercise. High carbohydrate intake can help muscle recover faster after exercise and prevent fatigue.

Athletes have high protein needs as well. Even endurance athletes have increased protein needs. Banana has negligible amounts of protein, though. You could drink a banana smoothie in order to boost your protein intake.

Banana is rich in electrolytes

Furthermore, banana is a great post-workout snack because it helps replenish electrolytes. Athletes, active people, and people who sweat a lot should eat many foods with sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium. These are the main electrolytes. Electrolyte replenishment is crucial for proper hydration.

Good hydration before, during, and after training is key for recovery and sport performance.[1,2]

For instance, runners have a high risk of electrolyte imbalances. They sweat for a long time. Electrolyte imbalances can cause leg cramps.

Banana is a great dietary source of electrolytes. It contains potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Sodium and chloride are found in abundant in table salt (i.e. sodium chloride).

Green, ripe, or overripe banana after a workout?

Banana contains both starch and sugar. The amount of starch and sugar in a banana changes as it ripens. Overripe bananas are higher in sugar, while green bananas are higher in starch.

Athletes should prefer eating ripe or overripe bananas after exercise. Post-workout meals should be rich in sugar.

On the other hand, people who follow a sedentary life and want to lose weight better consume green bananas.

Don’t eat banana before exercise

You could consume a banana at least 2 hours before a workout. You shouldn’t eat a banana right before exercise. Banana is rich in fiber. Fiber can upset the stomach during exercise. Stomach cramps, gas, bloating, and discomfort are common adverse effects.