How much garlic to naturally lower high cholesterol?

A tsp of garlic a day for a couple of months can naturally reduce slightly elevated cholesterol without side effects. Actually, it can reduce total serum cholesterol by 17 mg/dL!

How can I lower high cholesterol naturally?

We should maintain our cholesterol to normal levels. Elevated cholesterol significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, such as coronary events and atherosclerosis. 

Current medical practice includes the prescription of medication such as statins. Certainly, statins are pretty efficient in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels. But, these drugs may cause adverse effects, such as muscle weakness, neuropathy, cognitive dysfunction, and even increased risk of diabetes.

Thus, reducing slightly elevated cholesterol without drugs is a better option. Following a healthy, well-balanced diet, while limiting saturated fats, can naturally lower cholesterol.

The main sources of saturated fats are dairy and meet. Hence, limiting animal-based foods could lower cholesterol. The American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 13 grams or 120 calories of saturated fats a day.[1]

For instance, just a glass of whole milk contains about 5 grams, while a beef steak may contain more than 10 grams of saturated fat, respectively.[2]

On the contrary, consuming in moderation other types of fat naturally present in vegetable oils, seeds, and nuts, may help lower cholesterol and protect the heart.

Avoiding foods high in cholesterol seems beneficial as well.

Moreover, quitting smoking, starting moderate exercise, and losing weight could help you lower elevated cholesterol.[3]

Above all, you should consult your physician before taking any supplement or changing your diet.

Can garlic naturally reduce high cholesterol levels?

Garlic can be effective in reducing elevated total serum cholesterol. Total cholesterol levels greater than 200 mg/dL are considered elevated.

In fact, according to studies, garlic intake can reduce total serum cholesterol by 17 mg/dL! Most noteworthy, garlic can naturally reduce LDL-cholesterol by 9 mg/dL, while slightly increasing HDL-cholesterol levels.[4]

LDL-cholesterol is the “bad”, while HDL-cholesterol is the “good” cholesterol. High levels of HDL cholesterol can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.[5]

Actually, scientists have found that an 8% reduction in cholesterol levels reduces the risk of coronary events by 38%! Hence, the regular consumption of garlic could protect your heart.

Additionally, garlic protects the heart, as it can help reduce high blood pressure! Hypertension is also one of the major risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

Elevated homocysteine is another key risk factor for the heart.

How much garlic a day for lowering cholesterol naturally?

Garlic is well-tolerable by most people. It’s unlikely to cause any side effects. It’s much safer than conventional cholesterol-lowering medications. Hence, people with slightly elevated cholesterol could start eating garlic regularly.

There isn’t a standard recommended daily dose of garlic, though. In studies, researchers used daily dosages of 0.3-20 grams.[6]

Thus, a tsp of garlic powder a day as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet may be beneficial for lowering high cholesterol naturally. This dose is about 3 grams.

This dose of garlic is good for weight loss as well.

Much higher dosages may cause heartburn or stomach disturbances to people with a sensitive stomach. Also, people who take blood thinners should consult their physician before consuming garlic. It may increase the risk of bleeding.

Moreover, you should consume garlic for 2–3 months in order to help you lower elevated cholesterol.

Do I need garlic supplements to reduce cholesterol?

Additionally, you could use dietary supplements with garlic powder to boost garlic intake. You could easily get daily doses of 500-1,500 mg.

Aged garlic extract has many health benefits as well, due to its enhanced bioactivity. You can find odorless garlic concentrated extracts, garlic oils, or aged garlic extracts on iHerb.

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