Nutritional value & health benefits of garlic powder.

Garlic powder has a superior nutritional value. It’s rich in minerals, while containing more than 30 sulfur compounds.

Nutritional value of garlic powder

Garlic powder is packed with nutrients, containing only a few calories. A tbsp of garlic powder has about 30 calories, 1.6g protein, 7.1g carbs, 0.9g fiber, and almost zero fats.

1 tbsp% Daily Value
protein (g)1,6
carbs (g)7,1
fiber (g)0,94%
calcium (mg)7,71%
iron (mg)0,53%
magnesium (mg)7,52%
phosphorus (mg)406%
potassium (mg)1153%
zinc (mg)0,33%
copper (mg)0,16%
manganese (mg)0,14%
selenium (mcg)2,34%
Nutritional Value of garlic powder.[1]

Moreover, just a tbsp of garlic powder provides moderate amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium.

Garlic contains at least 33 sulfur compounds, 17 amino acids, several enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Its superior national value is responsible for its many therapeutic effects.[2]

Health benefits of garlic powder

Garlic, as part of a healthy diet, seems to protect the heart, reduce the risk of stroke, prevent diabetes, lower elevated cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, and even help lose weight.