What’s the best time to drink grape juice?

The best time of the day to drink grape juice is at breakfast or before/after exercise. Antioxidants in grape juice protect the body during the day, while sugar provides steady levels of energy.

The best time to drink grape juice is at breakfast

Grape juice at breakfast supports weight loss

Grape juice is mainly sugars. A glass contains about 32 grams of sugars and 150 calories.[1]

The breakfast is the best time of the day to drink grape juice. The body can metabolize sugar better in the morning, as it has increased insulin sensitivity. Actually, most sugars in grape juice are stored as glycogen in the muscle tissue when consumed at breakfast.

On the other hand, drinking grape juice late at night is bad for you. When consumed before bed, a high percentage of sugars in grape juice is stored as body fat. Thus, grape juice late at night can make you gain weight.

In any case, you should avoid drinking only grape juice at breakfast. You should eat fiber and protein as well. Eating foods high in fiber and protein, like oatmeal, is beneficial for weight loss, as they can keep you full for hours.

Although grape juice is healthy, it contains no fiber. Thus, it’s better to eat whole grapes. They have some fiber.

Grape juice in the morning protects the skin!

In addition, drinking reasonable amounts of grape juice in the morning is good for the skin and the eyes. Grape juice is packed with powerful antioxidant compounds, like resveratrol and vitamin C. These compounds protect the skin, hair, nails, and eyes from oxidative stress, due to air pollution, sun radiation, and smoking!

A good time to drink grape juice is before exercise

Additionally, a great time to drink grape juice is before or after exercise. First, sugar in grape juice is a good source of energy. Consuming easily digested carbs before exercise is beneficial for athletes.

Furthermore, drinking grape juice after a workout is also beneficial, as sugar replenishes glycogen stores, promoting muscle recovery. Muscle glycogen stores are depleted after strenuous workouts.

What’s the worst time to drink grape juice for weight loss?

The worst time of the day to drink grape juice is late at night. Sugar at night may cause metabolic changes, and higher levels of glucose. Hence, drinking grape juice at night may make you gain weight.

You should prefer eating foods with a low glycemic index at dinner. In fact, whole grapes have a low glycemic index. Grapes have less sugar and calories.

Actually, eating whole grapes at dinner is beneficial for you. Not only are whole grapes good for weight loss, but also, they’re natural sources of melatonin. Melatonin supports a good night’s sleep.

How much grape juice a day for weight loss?

We lose weight when we consume fewer calories than we burn. A glass of grape juice has about 150 calories. Hence, you shouldn’t consume more than a glass of grape juice a day if you want to lose weight.

Overconsumption of fruit juices or sodas can make you gain weight. They don’t manage appetite. Also, they have too many calories.

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