Is grapefruit juice high in sugar?

Grapefruits contain moderate amounts of sugars. A serving of whole grapefruit contains 8.6 g of sugars, while a glass of grapefruit juice contains 23 g of sugars.

Sugar & health

We should avoid excessive sugar consumption. Too much sugar has been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory diseases, and cardiovascular disease. Also, it may lead to fat accumulation in the liver, decreased insulin sensitivity, increased uric acid and high cholesterol.[1]

How much sugar can we consume in a day?

We shouldn’t consume more than 25 g of added sugar per day. But, sugar is added to sodas, sweets, and most processed products, Therefore, everyone who follows the standard American diet probably consume more sugar than the upper recommended amount.[2,3]

Furthermore, cutting down sugar isn’t easy. Sugar interferes with the reward system of the brain. It affects eating behavior, leading to overeating. Also, too much sugar causes weight gain because it prevents the production of the leptin hormone. This hormone helps regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger.[4]

Certainly, consuming foods which naturally contain sugars, such as fruits and beans, won’t harm you. On the contrary, they’re good for health, as they’re packed with vitamins, fiber, health-promoting phytochemicals, and antioxidant compounds.

Are grapefruits high in sugar?

Grapefruits contain moderate amounts of sugars. They contain 7.3 g of sugars per 100g. Half a grapefruit contains 8.6 g of sugars, while a whole grapefruit contains 17 g of sugars.[5]

Other common fruits with a moderate sugar content are papayas, strawberries, melons, and watermelon.

How much sugar is in a glass of grapefruit juice?

Grapefruit juice contains more sugar than whole grapefruit, as it contains no fiber.

In fact, grapefruit juice contains 9.1 g of sugars per 100 mL, while an 8 fl oz glass of grapefruit juice contains about 23 g of sugars.

Apple and orange juice have the same sugar content as grapefruit juice.

But, most common fruit juices, such as pomegranate, cranberry, and grape juices, contain much more sugar than grapefruit juice.

Only lemon juice contains significantly less sugar.

What type of sugars are in grapefruit juice?

The main sugar type of grapefruit is sucrose. It consists up to 60% of the total sugars. Fructose and glucose are the other sugar types in grapefruit juice.[6]

Can people with diabetes drink grapefruit juice?

Certainly, people with diabetes should avoid drinking too much grapefruit juice, due to its higher sugar content.

Also, it lacks of fiber. Hence, grapefruit juice has a much higher glycemic load (10) than the whole food (4).[7,8]

Foods with a glycemic load lower than 10 don’t spike blood sugar as much. They’re ideal for people with diabetes and people who want to lose weight.

On the other hand, grapefruit juice is particularly rich in antioxidant compounds in comparison to other common fruit juices. It’s pretty high in vitamin C and flavonoids.

According to research, grapefruit juice seems to protect against insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. Actually, grapefruit juice may be an effective management tool for existing diabetics![9]

Always consult your physician before changing your eating habits.

Are grapefruits keto-friendly?

People who follow a ketogenic diet should limit carbohydrate consumption to 20-50 g of carbs a day.[10]

So, grapefruit isn’t keto-friendly. People on keto couldn’t eat a whole portion. Only small amounts.

A half whole grapefruit has only 8.6 g of net carbs (sugars) But, even this small carbohydrate dose may kick you off keto.

Should we drink grapefruit juice regularly?

Regular consumption of grapefruit has been linked to high intakes of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and dietary fiber.[11]

In addition, grapefruit consumption may promote weight loss and help maintain a healthy body weight.[12]

Also, grapefruit as part of a well-balanced diet may help reduce total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol. It may improve blood pressure as well.

Certainly, eating grapefruit is preferable than drinking grapefruit juice, as it has fiber and less sugar. But, drinking grapefruit juice, especially in the morning, won’t make you gain weight. It’s pretty low in calories! A glass has fewer than 100 calories.

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