Oregano is good for you, due to the extremely high carvacrol content.

Oregano has unique nutritional value, and countless health benefits. It’s so good for you. Try to consume it regularly.

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What’s the nutritional value of dried oregano?

Oregano has amazing nutritional value. According to the USDA, 100 gr of dried oregano has (1):

  • calories. It has only 265 calories. A teaspoon has less than 5 calories.
  • protein. Dried oregano has 9 gr of protein per 100 gr.
  • fiber. Dried oregano is also high in dietary fiber. 42% is dietary fiber.
  • sugars. Furthermore, it’s low in sugars. 100 gr contains only 4 gr.
  • calcium. Dried oregano contains 1597 mg of calcium per 100 gr. Just for comparison, whole cow’s milk contains 113 mg of calcium per 100 gr. Certainly, we won’t eat 100 gr of dried oregano, but it’s proof that vegan foods are rich in calcium, as well.
  • iron. 100 gr of dried oregano contains 36.8 mg of iron. A teaspoon has 0.7 mg, or 8% DV (Daily Value).
  • magnesium. 100 gr has 270 mg of magnesium. A teaspoon has 4.86 mg.
  • phosphorus. 100 gr has 148 mg of phosphorus. A teaspoon has 2.66 mg.
  • potassium content is 1260 per 100 gr. A teaspoon has 22.7 mg.
  • zinc content is 2.7 mg per 100 gr. A teaspoon has 0.05 mg.
  • beta-carotene is a carotenoid important for good eyesight. 100 gr of dried oregano has 1010 mcg. A teaspoon has 18.1 mcg.
  • lutein & zeaxanthin are powerful carotenoids, important for eye health. According to the American Optometric Association lutein and zeaxanthin filter harmful blue wavelengths of sunlight, protecting healthy cells in the eyes (2). Dried oregano is a good source. 100 gr contains 1900 mcg. Furthermore, a teaspoon has 34.1 mcg. Analytical list of foods that protect your eyes here.

What are the health benefits of oregano?

Oregano is so good for you. It has many health benefits. You can benefit from raw oregano, dried oregano, or oregano tea. Certainly, oregano essential oil has the most powerful therapeutic properties, due to its high carvacrol content.

So, oregano may boost immune system and protect from Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, oregano can lower high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol levels.

Additionally, oregano seems to be good for your kidneys, liver, and skin.

Last, but not least, oregano can protect you against certain bacteria. Also, oregano tea may help with cough, or even protect from the flu and common cold.

Does oregano oil boost immune system?

Studies have shown that herbs such as oregano, and sage can boost the immune system (3).

Scientists found that oregano can improve immune system functions, providing great health benefits. For instance, oregano enhance the first line of defense against viruses, bacteria, and parasites. A strong immune system can detect and eliminate threats effectively.

Certainly, oregano has so powerful medical applications. It may be good for cancer, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s disease.

Is oregano oil a natural antibiotic?

Oregano essential oil has powerful antibiotic activity.

For instance, a study showed that oregano essential oil could be used as an alternative antibacterial remedy against Escherichia coli. Furthermore, oregano essential oil enhanced healing process in bacterial infections. Most noteworthy, scientists believe that oregano essential oil has so powerful antibacterial properties, that it could be used against even antibiotic-resistant bacteria (4).

Moreover, oregano essential oil could be used in combination, with antibiotics. Due to its potent antibacterial properties. Studies have shown that oregano essential oil, along with known antibiotics has an additive effect against bacteria, such as Escherichia coli (5).

Furthermore, oregano essential oil is effective against salmonella bacteria, which it’s considered antibiotic-resistant bacteria (6).

Can oregano kill viruses?

Besides, antibacterial and antifungal properties, oregano has antiviral properties, as well.

Studies have shown that oregano oil is effective against certain types of viruses, known as “enveloped viruses”. For instance, oregano can fight HSV-1 or Herpes simplex virus 1, known for causing oral herpes. Moreover, oregano is good against “Newcastle disease virus”, a fatal virus for many kinds of birds, that can also cause mild influenza-like symptoms to humans (7).

Moreover, oregano oil is good for dealing with “murine noroviruses”. Murine noroviruses are RNA viruses causing non-bacterial gastroenteritis in humans (8).

Finally, the antiviral properties of oregano oil are due a compound, called carvacrol. Oregano essential oil is pretty rich in carvacrol. It contains carvacrol up to 85% (9).

Most noteworthy, carvacrol was not as effective as oregano essential oil against viruses. Seems like, that many other components of oregano oil have antiviral activity.

Oregano oil for flu and common cold

Traditionally, oregano oil was used for the relief of upper respiratory infection symptoms.

So far, there isn’t strong scientific data to have linked oregano essential oil with the prevention of common cold, or the flu. Seems like, oregano oil doesn’t have any significant effect on the prevention of common cold and the flu.

On the other hand, green tea extract, and essential oils from clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, marjoram, sage, anise, and rosemary may be effective against the flu (9,10).

For instance, cloves are the best source of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants from plants.

Can oregano tea cure cough?

In traditional Chinese and Greek medicine, oregano has been used for respiratory conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, and cough (11,12).

Try to drink oregano tea to relieve cough, or sore throat.

You can use other herbs, as well. Clove, cinnamon, and eucalyptus are good option.

Is oregano good for kidneys?

Seems like, oregano may be beneficial for kidneys. It may be good for the prevention and treatment of kidney stones (13).

Oregano seems to prevent the formation of calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalate crystals are a common cause of kidney stones. Therefore, better avoid consumption of foods rich in oxalates, along with food high in calcium. Certainly, the most common food rich in oxalates is spinach.

Is oregano good for the liver?

Carvacrol is a compound of many aromatic plants. Certainly, oregano essential oil is the best source. It contains about 85% carvacrol.

Carvacrol has many pharmacological properties. Above all, it has powerful antimicrobial properties. Moreover, it acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Scientific data shows that carvacrol in oregano essential oil can protect the liver.

Moreover, carvacrol is a promising compound against pancreatitis and inflammation of liver (14).

Is oregano good for high blood pressure?

Additionally, oregano essential oil has possible anti-hypertensive properties (15).

Once again, due to carvacrol in oregano essential oil. Carvacrol acts as hypotensive agent.

Hypertension is the most common chronic disease. Moreover, high blood pressure is major risk factor of mortality.

Is oregano oil good for the skin?

Oregano essential oil has gained popularity in skin care products.

Studies have shown that skin products with oregano essential oil, as the main ingredient may be beneficial for the skin. Once again, the key factor is carvacrol in oregano essential oil. Carvacrol is an active component powerful with anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties (16).

Oregano essential oil is good for the skin, mainly due to its ability to inhibit inflammation.

Moreover, as oregano oil is pretty safe for the skin, it could be used for wound infections (17). It can decrease the bacterial load in the wounds. Remember… Oregano oil has significant anti-bacterial activity.

Furthermore, oregano essential oil may be good for people with acne problems. Acne is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease. Oregano essential oil is good for acne, mainly due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (18).

Furthermore, it may be good for you to avoid cow’s milk if you have acne issues. Cow’s milk consumption has linked to increased acne risk. Additionally, foods high in zinc and chlorophyll may help people with acne problems.

Can oregano protect against cancer?

Most noteworthy, oregano has potent anti-tumor properties.

So, oregano may help against certain types of cancer. Studies have shown that it is effective against breast cancer (19).

Moreover, oregano seems promising against colon cancer. Mainly due to, carvacrol that is abundant in oregano essential oil.

Scientific data showed that carvacrol may help prevent or even treat colon cancer (20).

Another health benefit of oregano essential oil is its ability to relief cancer patients from pain. Once again, due to the high carvacrol content. Carvacrol can control pain and reduce inflammation (21).

Does oregano lower blood sugar?

Seems like, oregano is beneficial for lowering blood sugar. People with diabetes may benefit the most.

Scientists suggest including foods rich in carvacrol in our diet (22). Certainly, oregano essential oil is the best source.

Above all, carvacrol may protect the liver.

Furthermore, dried oregano is about 42% dietary fiber. Also, it’s low in sugars. So, the glycemic load of oregano is pretty low.

Is oregano good for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Furthermore, studies have found that essential oils may be beneficial against neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer disease and dementia (23).

Most noteworthy, essential oils have anti-aging properties, as well.

Many of them may be effective in epilepsy, dementia, anxiety and many other neurological disorders.

Is oregano oil good for cholesterol?

Oregano oil seems promising for lowering high cholesterol levels, as well.

According to a study, consuming oregano oil with each meal could help you with cholesterol problems (24).

Analytically, consumption of oregano oil seems to increase the HDL-cholesterol. Most noteworthy, oregano oil seems to significantly decrease the LDL-cholesterol. That’s the “bad” cholesterol.

Is oregano good for weight loss?

Fresh and dried oregano is good for weight loss, as well. Oregano is high in dietary fiber (about 42%). Fiber keeps you full for more.

Furthermore, oregano is pretty low in sugars. A teaspoon contains only 0.07 gr of sugars. Practically, oregano won’t spike blood sugar. That’s important for people who want to lose weight, or for people with diabetes.

Moreover, a teaspoon of dried oregano has only 4.8 calories.

Above all, the main reason that oregano essential oil is good for weight loss is due to carvacrol. Studies have shown that carvacrol can prevent obesity (25). Most noteworthy, carvacrol can help decrease visceral fat. The most known source of carvacrol is oregano essential oil…

Is fresh oregano better than dried?

Oregano essential oil has amazing health benefits, but it isn’t the only option.

You can eat raw oregano leaves in salads and in many recipes. Oregano has a unique flavor.

Certainly, eating raw oregano is good for you. But… dried oregano has superior nutritional value. Most noteworthy, dried oregano is rich in many minerals. For instance, it’s high in calcium, iron, and zinc. Minerals that many people fail to consume the daily requirements.

What is the equivalent of dried oregano to fresh oregano?

There is a simple rule to use fresh oregano in a recipe.

The equivalent of dried oregano to fresh oregano is 1:3.

Dried oregano has stronger flavor and taste than fresh oregano. This simple recipe rule stands for almost all spices.

On the other hand, if you want to benefit the most, dried oregano should be your best option.

Certainly, oregano essential oil is also good for you. Mainly, due to its particularly high carvacrol content.

How to use oregano essential oil?

Dilute the oregano essential oil in water, vegetable oil, or smoothie for example. Add only 2-4 drops. In any case, consult your physician. Especially if you’re in medication.

Moreover, you can use oregano essential oil on the skin. Once again, dilute oregano essential oil. As a rule of thumb use 4-6 drops of oregano essential oil per teaspoon in a carrier oil. Olive oil is an excellent choice.

In any case, read the instructions of the manufacturer.