Do pomegranates make you poop?

Do pomegranates make you poop? Can juice help with constipation?

Pomegranates can make you poop, as they’re high in dietary fiber. Just a 4″ pomegranate has more fiber than most Americans consume in a day! About 12-19% of people in North America have constipation issues. Low fiber intake is a common cause.

Common causes of constipation problem

Constipation is an unsatisfactory defecation. People with constipation experience infrequent stools or difficult stool passage.

There are many causes of constipation. Organic disease, medication, neurological or systemic issues can cause constipation. Even stress or depression has been linked to constipation.[1]

Not consuming enough dietary fiber is a common cause of constipation, as well. Actually, increased fiber intake should be the first step for dealing with constipation problems.[2]

Is dietary fiber good for constipation?

Western diets lack of adequate dietary fiber intake. Fiber can relieve mild to moderate constipation symptoms. A high daily intake of dietary fiber has been linked to easy defecation.

There are 2 types of dietary fiber. Soluble and insoluble. They’re both present in foods. Soluble fiber absorbs water. This type of fiber makes stools gelatinous, making their passage easy. On the other hand, insoluble fiber has a bulking action. Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water.

We should consume about 20-35 grams of fiber per day. Although there isn’t a standard daily recommended fiber intake, consuming at least 20g of fiber daily has been linked to many health benefits.

Can dietary fiber be bad for you?

If you follow a Western diet and you have a hard time pooping, probably you don’t consume enough fiber. For instance, studies have shown that only 5% of Americans consume adequate amounts of fiber.

If you go plant-based, you’ll suddenly increase your daily fiber intake. As you don’t have enough bacteria in your gut, to deal with all the excess fiber, you’ll probably experience abdominal gas and bloating. Therefore, high fiber intake may cause discomfort.

Therefore, it’s better to increase fiber intake gradually. Firstly, improve your fiber tolerance. Start eating low doses of fiber at first.

Drinking juices, water & regular exercise may help you poop

Moreover, people who have constipation issues should drink water regularly. Especially, when they’re increasing fiber intake. Certainly, dehydration is bad for constipation issues. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Another way to deal with constipation is by exercising.[2] There is no need for intense workouts. Walking is enough. The more, the better, though.

If constipation isn’t improved, consult your health care provider. Low-fiber intake is only a reason for constipation. There are many more.

What type of food is good for constipation?

Increased dietary fiber intake can help children and adults with constipation.[3]

Foods high in fiber are pretty helpful. Only plant-based foods are high in fiber, though. Whole cereals, vegetables, and fruits are the best sources. Seeds, and nuts as well.

For instance, potatoes, oatsricespinachbroccolibananasapples, or carrots are all high in fiber. As a bonus, fruits are high in water, as well. Dehydration can cause constipation. For instance, cucumber, and watermelon can hydrate you, as they’re 96% and 92% water, respectively.

Moreover, a cucumber may contain up to 2g of fiber.[4] You can eat as much as you want. 100g of cucumber has only 12 calories. Certainly, cucumber could make you poop, hydrate you, and also help you lose weight fast.

Last, but not least, consuming beans can boost your daily intake of fiber and protein! A serving of beans can provide more than 50% of DV (Daily Value) of fiber.

Avocado is also good for dealing with constipation issues, mainly due to its high fiber and water content!

Do pomegranates make you poop?

What about pomegranates? Can they actually help you with constipation?

According to the USDA, pomegranates have 4g of dietary fiber per 100g.[5] That’s 15% DV (Daily Value). Furthermore, a whole pomegranate has more than 11g of fiber. That’s about 40% DV.

Eat just a pomegranate to consume more fiber than most Americans! Practically, eating just a pomegranate could make you poop. Additionally, pomegranates are good for hydration. Pomegranate seeds are 78% water.

As a rule of thumb, eating foods high in fiber and water are good for treating constipation.

Does pomegranate juice make you poop?

Pomegranates could make you poop, but what about pomegranate juice?

Certainly, pomegranate juice has many health benefits, they’re packed with antioxidants. We should drink moderate amounts, despite its high calorie content. Although, pomegranate juice is high in sugars, even people with diabetes could drink moderate amounts.

Unfortunately, pomegranate juice won’t help you poop. Mainly, due to the absence of dietary fiber. In fact, pomegranate juice doesn’t contain any fiber. So, although it’s rich in antioxidants and other health-promoting nutrients, it isn’t good for treating constipation. On the other hand, it’s mainly water. So, it’s great for hydration. As orange juice!

As a rule of thumb, eat lots of whole plant-based foods. They’re the only foods particularly high in fiber. For instance, mango helps you poop, as it’s a good source of fiber, water, electrolytes, and polyphenolic compounds.