Is drinking lemon water good for your hair growth?

Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for hair growth. Vitamin C, polyphenols, and electrolytes in lemon juice are important for healthy hair.

Vitamin C in lemon water is good for hair growth

Drinking lemon water in the morning is an excellent way to boost your daily vitamin C intake. Lemon water is high in vitamin C, which is beneficial for hair growth.

First, vitamin C protects hair, due to its powerful antioxidant properties. Also, antioxidants may prevent the formation of premature gray hair and help grow thicker hair.

Furthermore, vitamin C is vital for the absorption of iron! Iron is a key element for strong and healthy hair. Moreover, vitamin C is vital for the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is also vital for growth of healthy hair. It protects hair roots!

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for healthy hair!

Antioxidants in lemon juice may prevent hair loss

Eating foods that contain antioxidants is good for preventing hair loss. Antioxidants are compounds that neutralize free radicals. Smoke, pollution, toxins, stress, sunlight, and poor diet can cause excess of production of free radicals, leading to oxidative stress.

According to studies, people with hair loss probably have oxidative stress in the scalp. Eating foods rich in antioxidants is the best defense against free radicals. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are the best sources of antioxidants.[2]

Lemon water is a great source of antioxidants as well. Besides vitamin C, lemon juice is rich in polyphenols. Lemon juice has about 42 mg of polyphenols per 100g.[3]

Therefore, drinking a glass of lemon water or lemon juice first thing in the morning is good for growing healthy hair.[4]

Lemon water may help prevent premature hair graying

Drinking lemon water in the morning may also be beneficial for preventing premature hair gray. Compounds that seem to prevent premature graying, along with hair loss, are selenium, copper, and melatonin. Lemon juice contains traces of selenium, iron, zinc, and copper.[5]