Benefits of moringa powder for the skin!

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Moringa powder is good for the skin, as it boosts natural collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity & thickness, decreases wrinkles, and protects the face from sunlight aging.

Vitamin C in moringa protects the skin

Moringa powder is a good source of vitamin C, as it contains about 270 mg of vitamin C per 100g.[1] Practically, 2 tsp of moringa powder contain approximately 11 mg of vitamin C or 12% DV (Daily Value).

Vitamin C is vital for the skin. Normal skin contains high concentrations of vitamin C. A key function of vitamin C is to protect the skin and the face from the UV-induced photodamage, due to its powerful antioxidant properties![2]

Moreover, vitamin C is a key compound for the synthesis of collagen!

On the contrary, vitamin C deficiency can lead to fragile skin which lacks of elasticity!

Certainly, vitamin C is vital for a glowing and elastic skin. Hence, consuming foods containing vitamin C is important. Orange juice is the easiest way to boost vitamin C intake! An 8-ounce glass of orange juice contains more than the recommended daily intake! Additionally, orange juice hydrates the skin effectively.

BREYLEE Vitamin C Serum
BREYLEE Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin A in moringa is beneficial for the skin

Vitamin A is particularly important for the skin and the face. It has anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects. Also, vitamin A prevents dehydration of the skin, protects collagen, and strengthens the skin.

Moreover, vitamin A seems to be effective in acne treatment.

Above all, vitamin A can change the appearance of the skin surface. Vitamin A is considered among the most effective substances slowing the aging process.[3]

Moringa powder is an excellent source of vitamin A. Actually, moringa contains high-amounts of a provitamin A, called beta-carotene. The body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A.

Actually, moringa powder is the best source of beta-carotene, as it has about 28.5 mg per 100g.[4] Practically, 2 tsp of moringa powder have about 1 mg of beta-carotene.

We need about 3-6 mg of beta-carotene a day.[5]

Carrots, dandelion greens, spinach, and kale are only a few other foods high in beta-carotene. See the whole list here. Besides, glowing skin, beta-carotene is also good for your eyesight!

Iron is good for the skin & face

Furthermore, moringa leaves are pretty rich in iron. 100g of moringa powder contains about 49 mg of iron.[6] Furthermore, 2 tsp of moringa powder contain almost 2 mg of iron!

The recommended daily intake of iron is 8 mg for men and 18 mg for women. As iron deficiency is pretty common, we could benefit from taking 1-2 tsp of moringa daily!

Iron is involved in the transport and metabolism of oxygen. Hence, iron is important for energy production!

Moreover, iron is involved in elastin and collagen synthesis, and it’s vital for collagen’s structural integrity.[7] Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and it’s important for a glowing and young skin!

Calcium in moringa is good for the skin

Above all, moringa is one of the richest vegan sources of calcium. 100g of moringa powder contains about 2,700 mg of calcium.[8] Therefore, 2 tsp contain about 108 mg of calcium, or 11% DV (Daily Value).

The recommended daily intake of calcium for most people is 1,000-1,200 mg a day.

Calcium is important for the skin, as it controls many functions. For instance, calcium decreases the risk of skin infections, increases skin elasticity, and promotes wound healing.[9]

But, the calcium content in the skin is decreased as we get older. So, consuming plant-based foods high in calcium is good for the skin. Moringa powder is among the best vegan dietary sources of calcium!

Vitamin E protects the skin & face from sunlight aging

Additionally, moringa leaves protect the skin and face from aging, as they’re an excellent source of vitamin E. 100g of moringa powder contains about 77 mg of vitamin E.[6] Practically, just 2 tsp of moringa powder contain about 3.1 mg of vitamin E, or 20% DV (Daily Value).

Vitamin E is good for the skin, as it protects it from photoaging. Also, eating foods high in vitamin E, such as moringa leaves, is good for a young and glowing skin, as it significantly suppresses collagen breakdown, and decreases inflammations. Above all, vitamin E has powerful anti-aging and antioxidant properties.[10]

Chlorophyll of moringa powder keeps your face young

Another great benefit of moringa leaves is their particularly high chlorophyll content. 2 tsp of moringa powder contain 32.8 mg of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is found in plants, and transforms light into energy!

Moreover, consuming foods containing chlorophyll is good for the skin and the face. Chlorophyll seems to decrease facial wrinkles, increase collage synthesis, and improve skin elasticity![11]

Additionally, chlorophyll seems to be good for treating scars! Also, chlorophyll can prevent skin DNA damage, due to sunlight radiation!

Above all, chlorophyll has powerful anti-oxidant properties.

Moringa powder is the best dietary source of chlorophyll. Hence, we should eat moringa powder regularly for an elastic skin and young face!

See the whole list of chlorophyll-rich foods here.

Carotenoids in moringa powder keep the skin & face young

Moreover, moringa is good for the skin, as it’s an excellent source of carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin!

Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that protects the skin from aging.[12] For instance, people with a higher content of carotenoids have fewer wrinkles. Actually, carotenoids is a marker of skin aging.

Furthermore, antioxidants seem to be beneficial in acne therapy.[13]

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides adequate amounts of carotenoids. On the contrary, stress, illness, sunlight radiation, smoking, and alcohol reduce the concentration of the carotenoids in the skin, causing premature aging!

Moringa powder is good for the skin, as it’s the richest food in beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin! The most powerful carotenoids!

See the whole list of foods containing carotenoids, here.

Moringa powder boosts natural collagen synthesis

Skin elasticity and thickness depends highly on collagen! Moringa powder is good for the skin, as it boosts collagen synthesis, due to its high content of protein, iron, and vitamin A & C!

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body!

The human body synthesizes adequate amounts of collagen, it needs certain compounds.

Above all, we should provide the body with all 9 essential amino acids. These are absolutely necessary for collagen synthesis. Moringa powder is a complete plant-based protein, as it contains all 9 essential amino acids!

Actually, only a few vegan foods are a complete protein. For instance, buckwheathemp seedschia seedsquinoapumpkin seeds, and amaranth are excellent plant-based sources of complete protein. Additionally, combining foods, such as lentils, or chickpeas with whole cereals, we “create”a high-quality complete protein!

Furthermore, the body needs high amounts of iron, and vitamin A & C, in order, to produce collagen.

Moringa leaves are an excellent dietary source of these compounds! Hence, it’s particularly beneficial for the skin and the face!

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