Are mushrooms low in calories?

Mushrooms have few calories. They have less than 35 calories per serving.

How many calories are in mushrooms?

Mushrooms are pretty low in calories. A serving of mushrooms provides less than 35 calories!

Calories of mushrooms come mainly of carbs and protein. They have negligible amounts of fat.

Actually, mushrooms are high in protein. They’re 20-45% protein, depending on the variety.

Moreover, the carbohydrate content of mushrooms consists mainly of fiber and sugars.

Mushrooms are high in fiber. They can help us meet our daily needs. A serving provides up to 8% of the recommended daily intake of fiber!

Most mushrooms contain less than 2 g of sugars per 100g, and contain negligible amounts of starch.

Which variety of mushroom has the fewest calories?

You don’t have to worry about the calorie content of different varieties of mushrooms. All varieties are low in calories. They only contain between 19 and 34 calories per serving.

The cooking method plays a key role in the final calorie content of a mushroom recipe.

per 100g
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calorie content of common mushrooms.[1]

Does cooking affect the calorie content of mushrooms?

Cooked mushrooms contain more calories per 100g than raw mushrooms. That’s because cooked mushrooms contain less water. So, they have a higher carbohydrate and protein content.

For instance, the popular portabella mushrooms contain 22 calories per 100g when they’re raw. However, grilled portabella mushrooms contain 29 calories per 100g. That’s about 30% more calories.

Even so, grilled mushrooms are pretty low in calories!

Above all, avoid frying mushrooms using too much vegetable oil. Actually, all vegetable oils are calorie-dense foods. They’re almost 100% fat. Just a tbsp of any vegetable oil contains about 125 calories!

Therefore, sautéed mushrooms have a much higher calorie content than grilled or roasted ones.

Also, dried mushrooms have a high calorie content. They contain around 300 calories per 100g. You could eat them in moderation, as they’re nutrient-dense foods, though.

Are mushrooms good for weight loss?

Mushrooms support weight loss. They can control appetite and decrease cravings for fattening foods. In addition, they contain antioxidant compounds, which can help burn fat.

Mushrooms help us be in a caloric deficit, which is key for losing weight.

Moreover, they’re good for muscle growth. They help us maintain a lean body.

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