Is oregano good for high blood pressure?

Fresh and dried oregano as well as oregano essential oil, as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet, may help lower high blood pressure.

What are the health benefits of oregano?

We can consume raw oregano, dried oregano, or drink oregano tea. However, oregano essential oil has the most powerful therapeutic properties, due to its high carvacrol content.

Oregano may boost the immune system, protect from Alzheimer’s disease, and lower high blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol. Additionally, oregano seems to be beneficial for the kidneys, liver, and skin.

Is oregano good for high blood pressure?

Actually, oregano essential oil has possible antihypertensive properties. Oregano oil may be beneficial in lowering high blood pressure because it’s particularly high in carvacrol. This phenol seems to play a key role in vasodilation and the heart rate.[1]

Oregano oil may decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressures.[2]

Therefore, oregano and oregano oil may have a protective effect on cardiovascular health.

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In addition, carvacrol is an active component with anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.

Fresh or dried oregano for lower blood pressure?

Certainly, raw oregano is good for you. But, dried oregano has a superior nutritional value. It’s more nutrient-dense than fresh oregano.

Oregano oil has the highest nutritional value, though. It has much higher concentrations of carvacrol as well as other antioxidant compounds as compared to fresh or dried oregano.

Other spices with beneficial effects on hypertension are cayenne pepper and garlic!

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