PB&J sandwich has many calories! How to eat fewer?

A common PB&J sandwich has 300–450 calories, depending on the portion sizes. But, you can eat your favorite snack with only 120 calories if you follow 3 simple tips!

How many calories in a common PB&J sandwich on white bread?

A common PB&J sandwich with two slices of white bread, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a tablespoon of a sugar-rich jelly has about 300 calories:

  • peanut butter has 630 calories per 100g. A tablespoon has about 100 calories.
  • white bread has about 270 calories per 100g. A slice has about 72 calories.[1]
  • jelly has about 280 calories per 100g. A tablespoon has 55 calories.

Can a PB&J sandwich have more than 500 calories?

But, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can have more than 500 calories. The calorie content depends on portion sizes.

Many people prepare their favorite PB&J sandwich with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 2 tablespoons of jelly! Hence, this sandwich has about 450 calories!

bread2 slices144
peanut butter2 tbsp200
jelly2 tbsp110
Calories in a PB&J sandwich.

Keep in mind that any extra topping is extra calories. For instance, if you add seeds or nuts to your favorite snack, you add way too many calories. Seeds and nuts are calorie-dense foods. For instance, just 4 walnuts have 100 calories!

Other common spreads, such as chocolate hazelnut spread, or almond butter also have too many calories. But the healthiest spread is tahini. Tahini is more nutritious than peanut butter. It has many vitamins and minerals that involved in energy metabolism!

Additionally, you should avoid adding dried fruits to your favorite snacks. They’re packed with sugar and calories as well. Prefer eating raw banana or other whole fruits.

How to eat a PB&J sandwich to consume fewer calories?

Follow the these simple 3 tips to consume 60% fewer calories. Your favorite PB&J sandwich can have only 120 calories:

  • one slice of bread, 70 calories
  • a tablespoon of sugar-free jelly, 15 calories
  • a tablespoon of peanut butter with reduced fat, 35 calories

Above all, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with high-quality ingredients is healthy both for adults and children.

Prepare it with only one slice of bread

The easiest way to cut down calories on your favorite snack is to prepare it with only one slice of bread. This way, you consume 50% fewer calories from bread alone!

Additionally, you could use a high-quality, brown bread with fewer calories. For instance, there are whole wheat breads with only 254 calories per 100g. A slice has about 70 calories.

Eat sugar-free jelly

Most noteworthy, you could eat your PB&J sandwich with a high-quality, sugar-free jelly. A tablespoon of sugar-free jelly has only 15 calories. This way, you consume 72% fewer calories per serving!

How to eat a PB&J sandwich to consume up to 80% fewer calories?Pin

In fact, preparing your favorite PB&J sandwich with healthier ingredients can reduce the total sugar content by up to 80%.

In fact, consuming jams and jellies without added sugar, instead of the common products, is good for weight loss.

Actually, many of the top 10 bestseller jams and jellies on Amazon have no added sugar. Always check the nutrition facts label.

Eat peanut butter with reduced fat

Also, you could eat a PB&J sandwich made of peanut butter with reduced fat. Fat is the most nutrient-dense macronutrient.

For instance, the No1 Best Seller peanut butter on Amazon has only 35 calories per tablespoon! Peanut butter with reduced fat has 65% fewer calories than common peanut butters!

Can I eat PB&J sandwich for weight loss?

If you want to lose or maintain body weight, it’s recommended to eat only a PB&J sandwich a day. Two common PB&J sandwiches a day on white bread can provide 900 calories! These are too many for a low-calorie diet for weight loss.

Only athletes and kids could consume 2 sandwiches a day without gaining weight.

However, a PB&J sandwich on brown bread, made of a sugar-free jelly, between meals, as a healthy snack, supports weight loss. Protein and fiber keep us full for many hours with less than 300 calories!

Additionally, a great time to eat a healthy PB&J sandwich is before bed. Tryptophan, niacin, and other vitamins in PB&J sandwich are beneficial for a good night’s sleep!

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