How much fiber in pineapple?

Raw pineapple has 1.4 grams of fiber per 100g. A cup provides 8% DV. Dried pineapple has almost 3 times more fiber, while a serving of pineapple juice provides 2% DV.

Is pineapple high in fiber?

Although pineapple contains moderate amounts of fiber, it contributes to the daily fiber intake:[1]

  • pineapple contains 1.4 grams of fiber per 100g. This dose is 5% of the recommended daily intake.
  • a slice provides only 0.8 grams of fiber, or 3% of the Daily Value.
  • a cup has 2.3 grams of fiber, or 8% of the DV.

Dried pineapple is a good dietary source of fiber

Actually, dried pineapple is richer in fiber than fresh pineapple. Dried pineapple contains 3.7 grams per 100g. It has 165% more fiber than raw pineapple!

A serving of dried pineapple has about 1.5 grams of fiber. This dose is 5% of the DV.

But, you better avoid eating dried pineapple. Dried pineapple is particularly high in calories and sugars. It contains 313 calories and 73 grams of sugars per 100g. Although raw pineapple supports weight loss, dried pineapple can make you gain weight.

Does pineapple juice have any fiber?

All fruit juices contain negligible amounts of fiber. Hence, you better consume the whole fruit.

Pineapple juice contains almost no fiber as well. It contains only 0.2 grams of fiber per 100g, or 0.5 grams per cup. This dose is less than 2% of the DV.

Should I drink pineapple juice?

But, drinking moderate amounts of pineapple juice is good for you. Firstly, pineapple juice is packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C protects the skin and eyes from sun damage and air pollution! Thus, the best time to drink pineapple juice is at breakfast.

Most noteworthy, pineapple juice is the only food containing bromelain! Bromelain is an enzyme which protects joints from inflammations, relieves pain, and prevents swelling!

Other common foods high in fiber

Certainly, we should consume a wide variety of foods high in fiber for good health.

Actually, only whole, plant-based foods contain decent amounts of fiber. Animal products contain no fiber whatsoever, while refined, plant-based foods contain negligible amounts of fiber. For instance, whole wheat bread contains approximately 3 times more fiber than white bread!

Above all, the richest foods in fiber are beans. For instance, a serving of lentils provides more than 50% of the recommended daily intake of fiber!

Vegetables, whole grains, mushrooms, seeds, and nuts are also great dietary sources of fiber.

Even fruits contain decent amounts of fiber. They can help us meet our daily needs. Watermelonmelon, grapes, and strawberries, banana, avocado, and all berries are favorite fruits high in fiber.

Getting high amounts of fiber is pretty easy. Even favorite foods such as popcornpotatoespasta, and chocolate are excellent dietary sources of fiber.

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