Is pomegranate juice high in calories?

Pomegranate juice has about 134 calories per an 8 fl oz (240 mL) serving. Despite its high calorie content, moderate amounts of pomegranate juice won’t make you gain weight.

Nutritional value of pomegranate juice

As all fruit juices, pomegranate juice is high in sugars. It has negligible amounts of protein, fat, or fiber. An 8 fl oz (240 mL) serving contains 0.37 g protein, 0.72 g fat, 0.25 g fiber, and 31.2 g sugars.[1]

Moreover, pomegranate juice has a great nutritional value. It’s rich in minerals. For instance, it contains 27 mg calcium, 0.25 mg iron, 0.22 mg zinc, 531 mg potassium, 17 mg magnesium, 27 mg phosphorus, and 0.05 mg copper per serving!

Most noteworthy, pomegranate juice is packed with antioxidants. In fact, pomegranate juice has greater antioxidant properties than red wine and green tea! It may decrease the risk of developing or even treat certain diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood glucose. Moreover, pomegranate juice has anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects![2]

Actually, pomegranate juice is considered beneficial for the heart.[3]

How many calories in a serving of pomegranate juice?

Pomegranate juice has 54 calories per 100 g, or about 134 calories per an 8 fl oz box (240 mL), which is a typical serving.

Most fruit juices have the same calories. They have 120-140 calories per serving. For instance, orange juice and apple juice, which are among the most widely consumed fruit juices worldwide, have 120 calories per serving.

Can pomegranate juice make me gain weight?

Excessive pomegranate juice consumption may lead to obesity!

We gain weight when we consume more calories than we burn. Drinking too much pomegranate juice means a lot of extra calories consumed!

On the other hand, moderate consumption of pomegranate juice won’t make you fat. Consuming a serving (240 mL) of pomegranate juice a day, as part of a well-balanced diet, can help us maintain a healthy body weight.

What’s the best time to drink pomegranate juice?

The best time to drink pomegranate juice is in the morning. It’ll provide quality calories. Also, pomegranate juice in the morning will increase antioxidant capacity of the body, boosting the immune system.

Another great time to drink pomegranate juice is before/after exercise. Sugars will provide energy during exercise and help replenish muscle glycogen stores after a workout.

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