How much iron is in broccoli?

Is broccoli rich in iron?

Broccoli contains decent amounts of iron. It has 0.69 mg of iron per 100g, or 2.5% DV. Broccoli leaves contain even more iron!

Can I eat broccoli leaves?

Are broccoli leaves edible?

You can eat broccoli leaves. They’re edible, delicious & packed with vitamins & protein! Also, you can eat the broccoli crown & stem!

How much dietary fiber in broccoli?

How much fiber in broccoli?

Is broccoli a good source of fiber? Is the dietary fiber content of 1 cup of broccoli enough to meet our daily fiber needs?

Does broccoli have calcium?

Is broccoli rich in calcium?

Broccoli contains moderate amounts of calcium. A cup contains 47 mg of calcium, or almost 5% of the recommended daily intake.