Cabbage is good for weight loss & fat burn.

Is cabbage good for fat loss?

Cabbage helps lose weight, burn fat & reduce waist circumference. It controls total calorie intake while keeping us full for a long time.

Cabbage is a rich plant-based source of calcium

Is cabbage rich in calcium?

Cabbage is among the richest plant-based sources of calcium. It contains up to 105 mg of calcium per 100g, or 10% DV.

Cabbage has a moderate iron content.

Is cabbage rich in iron?

Cabbage has a moderate iron content. It contains up to 0.8 mg of iron per 100g. A serving provides up to 2.5% DV.

Cabbage is rich in fiber

Is cabbage high in fiber?

Cabbage has a high fiber content. It has between 1g and 2.5 g of fiber per 100g, depending on the variety. A serving provides up to 9% DV.

As cabbage is low in carbs, it's kete-friendly. ALso, cabbage is good for weight loss.

Is cabbage high in carbs?

Cabbage is ideal for people who want to lose weight, diabetics & people on keto. It has a pretty low carbohydrate content.