avocado helps poop

Avocado helps you poop!

Avocado helps you poop due to its high fiber & water content. Also, carotenoids in avocado may relieve from constipation!

mango makes you poop

Does mango make you poop?

Mango helps you poop, as it’s rich in fiber, water, and other polyphenolic compounds that are beneficial for treating constipation symptoms.

vitamin D makes you poop

Does vitamin D make you poop?

Vitamin D supplements or skin exposure to sunlight could help you poop, as vitamin D deficiency has been linked to constipation.

Orange juice makes you poop!

Does orange juice make you poop?

Orange juice helps you poop. It hydrates you effectively, and it’s a fruit juice with a decent amount of fiber! Fiber helps you poop.

Do pomegranates make you poop? Can juice help with constipation?

Do pomegranates make you poop?

Pomegranates make you poop, as they’re high in fiber. Just a 4″ pomegranate has more fiber than most Americans consume in a day!