Are bananas rich in iron?

Do bananas have iron?

Actually, bananas don’t contain any significant amount of iron. They could be the main ingredient to any iron-rich smoothie, though!

How much iron do we need daily?

Men need only 8 mg of iron a day.

Women much higher needs, though. Women require at least 18 mg of iron a day. This dosage is even higher during pregnancy.[1]

Do bananas have iron?

Bananas contain only 0.26 mg of iron per 100 grams. Practically, a medium banana contains only 0.3 mg of iron, while a large banana contains up to 0.4 mg of iron. Hence, we can’t depend on bananas to meet the daily recommended iron intake.

On the other hand, bananas are excellent dietary sources of potassium, fiber, resistant starch, and sugars, while contain moderate amounts of vitamin C!

Other foods with more iron than a banana

Vegetables are rich in iron.

  • spinach (2.7 mg),
  • beet greens (2.6 mg),
  • kale (1.6 mg),
  • arugula (1.5 mg).

Seeds contain iron as well.

  • pumpkin seeds (8.1 mg),
  • hemp seeds (8 mg),
  • sesame seeds (7.8 mg),
  • chia seeds (7.7 mg),
  • flaxseeds (5.73 mg),
  • sunflower seeds (5.2 mg).

Fruits are also great dietary sources of iron.

  • goji berries (6.8 mg),
  • raisins (2.6 mg),
  • figs (2 mg).

Banana smoothie rich in iron

Bananas may not contain any significant amount of iron, but they can be useful otherwise. You could add it as the key ingredient to a smoothie rich in iron.

Moreover, you should add a fruit juice high in iron, such as prune or raspberry juice, along with any other iron-rich food, such as spinach, kale, and beet greens.

Furthermore, you could add a tbsp of honey. It helps increase iron levels by 20%!

Cacao powder and chocolate are also excellent dietary sources of iron.