Ideas of healthy, easy & fast homemade vegan breakfast

Healthy and easy vegan breakfast
Oats with berries

The breakfast is the most important meal of the day for good reason. Breakfast should contain not only protein, carbs, and fat, but also minerals, such as zinc, calcium, and iron.

Whole grains are good for a vegan breakfast, as they boost your energy levels

Your breakfast should contain whole-grains. Whole-grains are good sources of carbs, protein, and of course dietary fiber. Grains are the main source of calories.

Don’t eat refined-grains in your breakfast

Eat only whole-grains. The bran of grains is particularly high in minerals. Refined-grains are low in micronutrients. In most cases, they are “empty calories”.

Moreover, as soaked seeds are more bio-absorbable, you could put your seeds or nuts in the water the night before. Rinse them thoroughly in the morning.

Oats are a great grain option. They particularly rich in fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc (1). Prefer oat kernel over instant oats. Oat kernel won’t spike blood sugar. Mainly due to the high fiber content.

Don’t worry about the calcium content. Except from oats, there are so many vegan foods high in calcium.

Finally, most breakfast cereals are packed with sugar. Moreover, manufacturers use cheap refined-flours. You’ll be hungry in no time eating these highly processed cereals.

Add seasonal fruits and berries into your vegan breakfast

Fruits and berries are high in vitamins. Moreover, sugar from fruits will give you energy throughout the day.

Just remember… Don’t overdo it with dried fruits. Dried fruits and berries contain more sugar than fresh ones.

Consume one or two small fruits in your vegan breakfast. Fruits are the fastest snack.

Unless you’ re a very active person, or an athlete, there is no need to consume more sugar from only a meal. Certainly, you can eat a fruit later, in another meal.

Consider eating berries, as well. Blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are particularly high in vitamins, and fat-burning antioxidants, such as anthocyanins!

Add seeds and nuts into your breakfast for healthy fats

Last, but not least, add some nuts and seeds in your breakfast oat porridge. They’ll provide you with healthy fat and minerals.

For instance, sesame seeds are good sources of zinc, a mineral that mainly found in some legumes, seeds, and nuts. Zinc deficiency is pretty common. Especially among men.

Most noteworthy, minerals such as zinc, copper, and iron are important for collagen synthesis. Therefore, nuts and seeds can protect your skin’s health, as they can promote natural collagen production. No wonder why a healthy vegan diet has unique anti-aging effects.

Furthermore, dietary fat can improve the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Additionally, fats keep you full for longer. You won’t feel hungry after a couple of hours.

Moreover, roasted nuts can give a unique taste in your vegan breakfast. There’s a lot of space for experimentation…

Don’t overdo it. A healthy breakfast can also be high in calories

The most common mistake people do is to put many ingredients in porridge.

An easy vegan breakfast should be healthy. That doesn’t mean that you have to put every fruit, nut or seed you have.

If you consume more calories than you need, you’ ll gain weight.

Also, you may experience sluggishness, as your body tries to absorb all these extra calories.

Eat a different vegan breakfast everyday

Try to eat different fruits, nuts, and seeds every day.

Mixing ingredients daily is a good thing. Most importantly, you won’t be bored with this breakfast idea. Consistent is the key.