Healthy breakfast for kids before school. Quick and easy.

Healthy breakfast for kids before school
Healthy snack.

A healthy breakfast for kids before school shouldn’t be tricky or time-consuming. You want to boost your kid’s energy, that will last for many hours.

Most importantly, a healthy breakfast should provide kids with essential micronutrients, that can enhance their immune system. Don’t forget how vulnerable our children get, in wintertime. We try to help our children’s immune system to encounter the flu. Many children in the same environment isn’t a good combination.

Healthy breakfast for kids: Protein, carbs, fat

A healthy breakfast for kids before school or any other meal of a day should provide our children with proper amounts of protein, carbs, and fat.

All these macronutrients are essential for the proper growth of children. We plan the proper breakfast meal with this in mind. Protein, carbs, and fats should be in a healthy breakfast for kids and parents.

What kids should eat before school?

The breakfast is a very important meal because you need to supply your kid’s body with enough energy, to keep it energized throughout the day.

Also, we want our children to be focused, not sluggish. When children only consume simple sugars for breakfast, like orange juice, white bread, or honey, they get an energy boost, BUT that will not last long. After two hours they can get sleepy in class.

don’t eat only simple sugars for breakfast

Simple sugars affect adults in the same way. How many times did you find yourself to have a hard time to keep your eyes open at 11 am? Even though you’ve slept well and you have eaten your juice, or bakery products for breakfast?

Quick, easy, healthy breakfast for kids

I personally don’t have the time (or the mood, to be honest) to cook breakfast. It’s really difficult to get everyone ready in time. I want the least amount of cooking action. That’s the reason I want a quick and easy breakfast for my children, providing the best quality of course.

I don’t compromise the value of the kids’ meal.

whole-grain multi-seed bread, with peanut butter, and blueberry jam

So, in our family, we frequently eat whole-grain multi-seed bread, with peanut butter, and blueberry jam for breakfast. It provides the energy our kids need to excel in school. They also love it.

You’ll tell me…What’s so special about this recipe? Just keep reading…

Whole-grain multi-seed bread

Most people don’t understand that the same breakfast may have totally different effect on you.

The meal consists of bread with peanut butter and honey.

But what ingredients do you use? That’s the secret.

White bread is made from refined flour. Such grains are nutrient-empty. Only provide us with calories. Also, refined flour spikes blood sugar really fast. The aftermath is to feel hunger again, after a few moments.

We suggest whole-grain bread for your children’s breakfast. It will keep them full for more time. They contain fibers, that are valuable for a healthy body. Many children in the United States don’t get the recommended daily dietary fiber intake.

Also, as an extra tip, we try to buy whole-grain bread from germinated grains. This way, the micronutrients are more bioabsorbable, as sprouting reduces phytates on seeds.

If you can’t find bread from sprouts don’t worry. A very small percentage of the micronutrients may not be absorbed.

Peanut butter or sesame tahini paste

But why multi-seed bread?

Because seeds contain minerals, like zinc that are difficult to be found in other plant-based foods. Seeds are superfoods. Try to eat many of them daily. Common sources of zinc and of other minerals are seeds like sunflower, sesame, chia, hemp, and pumpkin.

Whole-grains like wheat, oats, and barley have a decent amount of zinc and other minerals. On the other hand, refined grains lack minerals, as the bran, which contains them, has removed.

Peanut butter

We use peanut butter for taste. Children love it. Peanut butter provides us with many calories. So, eat it carefully if you want to lose weight. Children don’t have such issues.

Peanut butter has many healthy fats, and fibers. Also, the mineral content is about the same as the original product.

We occasionally use tahini, as an alternative. I find a hard time to make children eat it. You can try it though, as tahini is very healthful as well.

Honey or homemade jam

We don’t use honey for our healthy breakfast for kids before school. However, it isn’t difficult to find an alternative. We use homemade jams from seasonal fruits. Blueberries are our piece of cake. Everyone loves their taste.

Preparing homemade jam in bulk is money saver and also, more healthful, as you control the amount of sugar in the recipe. There are no preservatives as well.

Healthiest and easiest breakfast for kids and parents

Isn’t that the healthiest breakfast for kids before school or not? It’s really easy to prepare it, as well.

Just prefer whole-grain bread, add some extra seeds for boosting mineral intake. Fats and fibers will slow down the sugar spike from the jam. Your kids will have steady levels of energy and they will be full until lunch…

Parents should eat it too of course…