Sunflower seeds are food that vegans should eat daily!

Vegan diet is good for health. It can provide almost all the necessary nutrients. Vitamin B12, vitamin D, taurine, and creatine may be an exception, though! Vegans may need supplements for these compounds, or consume high amounts of certain foods.

Even people who consume foods from animal sources could benefit from vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplements! Actually, many people are deficient in these vitamins.

Sunflower seeds increase taurine levels

Vegans have a higher risk of taurine deficiency, as the human body can synthesize only a small amount of taurine and plant-based foods don’t contain any. So, vegans should take supplements or try to consume lots of foods that are necessary for the synthesis of taurine.

Above all, the body needs vitamin B6, methionine, and cysteine, in order, to synthesize taurine. Sunflower seeds contain all these compounds! Therefore, it’s food that vegans should eat regularly!

Methionine is an essential amino acid. It means that we should take it from food. The body can’t synthesize it. On the contrary, cysteine is a nonessential amino acid. The body can synthesize cysteine, but we better take it directly from food.

Sunflower seeds protect vegans from iron & zinc deficiency

Moreover, vegans should consume sunflower seeds regularly, as they’re a great source of iron and zinc.[1] Iron deficiency is pretty common among women. On the other hand, many men are deficient in zinc, causing decreased sex drive and infertility! Furthermore, zinc is necessary for the synthesis of testosterone!

100g of sunflower seeds contain 3.8 mg of iron and 5.29 mg of zinc. The recommended daily intake for iron is 18 mg.[2] For zinc is only 11 mg.

Additionally, sunflower seeds are good for weight loss, as zinc and iron deficiency can lead to obesity!

Sunflower seeds provide protein to vegans

Furthermore, sunflower seeds are a great source of protein. 100g of sunflower seeds have about 19.3g of protein. Actually, seeds and nuts are great sources of vegan protein!