Which is the most important? Diet or exercise?

Vegan diet with exercise helps slim waist

Which is better? Working out or our diet plan?

I’m sure it’s a question many of us have asked.

The answer it’s simple. Nothing can compare with a good diet plan. You may see fit people who run tens of miles at a time, or guys with an outstanding look. Don’t let the appearance guide you. You can’t know for sure if a person is really healthy. In most cases, an athlete takes care of his diet. A slim waist is for sure a good indicator of health. But is this enough?

The food industry wants to blame you for extra pounds. You don’t have the will power to work out as hard as it should. That’s the reason for your problems. You are to blame for your health issues and your XXL large pant. Why? Because you are not working out. Is this really the case though?

I don’t want to there is any misconception here…

You SHOULD work out daily. Especially aerobic exercises. In most cases, walking is just fine. If you walk for 30-60 minutes a day, you are on good tracks.

exercise is always beneficial. Best combined with eating plant-based.
Exercise is good for you.

I just want to say, that if you walk or run for one hour, as great as it is for your heart, it isn’t going to do any good if your diet is terrible. Greasy foods will clock up your arteries, no matter how many miles you ran.

Which is the best strategy though? Do the jogging, eat your veggies…