How to become a vegan?

Phytic acid content in oats
The smartest way to eat oats.

Easy steps to become vegan.

Go vegan overnight?

Firstly, don’t underestimate the power of habit. Start by eating plant-based meals. Learn how to cook. That’s important to make vegan food taste great.

Use spices and herbs. They provide unique taste. Also, spices and herbs are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect us from the dangerous free radicals. Also, antioxidants keep our skin young and have powerful anti-aging effects.

Many foods you used to eat are addictive. Foods high in salt and sugar can be addictive. Dairy, as well.

You should expect that there would be times that you’d crave these foods. It’s natural.

Vegan breakfast

How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? That’s because it is. It’s the first step for becoming vegan. That’s because it’s so easy to prepare a vegan breakfast. There are so many alternatives.

Whole grains vs refined cereals

It is so easy to change your breakfast, from an unhealthy to a healthy whole food plant-based one.

Most commercial cereals are highly processed products.

Certainly, processed food is bad for your health. Refined commercial cereal tend to have tons of salt and sugar.

Most noteworthy, refined cereals have little to no fiber. Companies remove the bran and germ from grains. This process gives grains a finer texture and also improves the shelf life of the product.

The grains that have their bran and germ stripped away are called refined.

Avoid eating refined foods whatsoever. Always prefer whole food plant-based products.

In the below table you can see how many nutrients refined grains lose through the process. Refined grains lose protein, B-vitamins, iron, selenium, vitamin-E, zinc, dietary fiber and many more (1).

Folate (B9)100%59%
Food energy100%107%
Niacin (B3)100%20%
Pantothenic Acid (B5)100%43%
Pyridoxine (B6)100%13%
Riboflavin (B2)100%19%
Thiamin (B1)100%27%
Vitamin E100%5%

So, the first step to a healthier diet is to buy only whole food grains.

For instance, whole oats are very different from refined oats. Whole foods have more vitamins and minerals. They have more dietary fibers, as well.

Vegan milk

Maybe the cow’s milk is the hardest part of becoming vegan. Dairy is extremely addictive. Cow’s milk is rich in fats. Even skim cow milk is pretty high in saturated fats.

Luckily, nowadays, there are many vegan alternatives. For instance, almond milk is among the most popular plant-based milks. Furthermore, it has no allergens.