Can you have a life extension with vitamin K?

Green smoothie
Green smoothie.

I recently heard that vitamin K may be renspoble for life extension. Vitamin K is a very important vitamin for a healthy body. No one should have a vitamin K deficiency. But you shouldn’t consider if any vitamin is crucial for your health. All vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients must be present at the right amount. The real question is what diet you should follow if you want the best possible health. The answer is a whole plant-based diet.

A whole plant-based diet will cover your daily vitamin K needs. As we have discussed in another article the main source of vitamin K1 is leafy green vegetables. The plants that contain a higher amount of vitamin K are collard greens, turnip greens, spinach, kale, and broccoli.

Green rich natural vitamin K smoothie, ideal for life extension.
Veggie vitamin K rich foods.

As you can see a vegan diet is the perfect diet to cover your daily vitamin K needs. So, you should consider, to skip the commercial vitamin K pill, and consume as much kale, spinach and broccoli as you can. You’ll cover not only vitamin K’s daily needs, but most other vitamins’ as well. The real difference is that you’ll combine many vitamins naturally. This is most useful for our body than take a pill, which elevates only one (or a few ones) vitamin or micronutrient, and the rest stay at low levels. This is imbalance isn’t good for our health. The natural way is better.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin K is 120mcg for men and 90mcg for women. This isn’t many if you consider that a half cup of broccoli contains 110mcg of vitamin K and a cup o spinach contains 145mcg. So, you understand how easy it is to reach a daily minimum of 120mcg for men. Even in a standard American diet, vitamin K deficiency is quite uncommon to be observed in a clinical case. Most common cases of vitamin K deficiency are among people who take drugs or they only consume fast food.

In conclusion, it isn’t the consumption of vitamin K that maybe help towards life extension. It’s the whole food vegan diet.