How much dietary fiber in an avocado?

How much dietary fiber in avocado?

Can fiber in an avocado help us meet the recommended daily fiber need? What type of avocado to prefer?

What are the daily fiber requirements?

We should consume about 30g of dietary fiber a day.[1] As a rule of thumb, try to consume 14g of fiber per 1000 calories to have the greatest health benefits.

How much fiber in avocado?

According to the USDA, avocados are rich in dietary fibers. Avocados have about 6.7g of fiber per 100g. In comparison, another fiber-rich food is bananas. 100g of banana contains 2.6g of dietary fiber. Avocado is considered a pretty rich source of dietary fiber.

Furthermore, due to its high fiber content, avocado is good for treating constipation issues! Moreover, avocado might help children poop

The amount of fiber in an avocado

What’s the amount of fiber in one avocado? It depends on the variety…

Dietary fiber in California avocado

California’s avocados have black skin and are smaller. They weight about 135g each. Furthermore, a California avocado contains about 9.1g of fiber. That’s 32% DV (Daily Value). That’s a huge dose of fiber…

Fiber content of Florida avocado

On the other hand, Florida avocados have green skin and are larger. They weight about 300g each. Moreover, a whole Florida avocado contains about 20.4g of fiber. That’s 73% DV. Good news for avocado lovers…

As a rule of thumb, eat up to 200g of avocado a day to lose weight. Preferably at lunch. Actually, avocado can help you lose belly fat!

What’s the fiber content of a half avocado?

Many of us won’t eat a whole Florida avocado. Even a half avocado will provide you with 10g of fiber. That’s 35% DV.

Other foods rich in fibers are legumes, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits. As you can see, eating more than 30g of fiber per day is easy. Especially, if you follow a whole food plant-based diet.

Why lemon juice is important?

Better squeeze a lemon over your avocado…

Lemon juice as a preservative

It’s rather common to preserve half avocado in the fridge. Unfortunately, avocados are going bad easily. If you want to preserve them for a longer time, squeeze a lemon over the avocado. Then cover it with a plastic cover or put it in an airtight container.

Lemon juice contains citric acid that keeps avocado fresh for longer. The lemon juice protects avocado in two ways. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and also fights air oxidation.

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C

Furthermore, lemon juice is a good source of vitamin C. As avocado doesn’t contain any significant amount of vitamin C, it’s a good idea to combine it with vitamin C sources.

Lemon juice for iron absorption

Additionally, the vitamin C in lemon juice helps in iron absorption. As avocado contains 0.55 mg of iron per 100g, you better absorb most of it. People need 8-18 mg of iron per day. Luckily, there are many foods that have a significant iron content.