How much fiber in broccoli? Is the dietary fiber content of 1 cup enough?

How much dietary fiber in broccoli?

What’s the fiber content of broccoli? Does one cup of broccoli have enough dietary fiber for our daily needs?

Daily dietary fiber needs

Most people need about 30 grams of fiber per day. That stands for a 2000 kcal diet.

It’s a good idea to follow a fiber rich diet, such as the Mediterranean diet.

Enough fiber provides great health benefits. Adequate amount of fiber may contribute to low risk of:

  • high blood pressure,
  • LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol,
  • obesity,
  • coronary heart disease,
  • stroke,
  • hypertension,
  • diabetes.

How much fiber in broccoli?

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), 100 gr of broccoli has about 2.6 grams of fiber. That’s 9% DV (Daily Value).

Moreover, a whole bunch of broccoli has about 15.8 grams of fiber. That’s 56% DV (Daily Value).

Fiber content in 1 cup of broccoli

A cup of chopped broccoli has 2.4 grams of dietary fiber.

You can consume as much broccoli as you can though.

Broccoli will keep you feel for more. Most noteworthy, you’ll consume so many nutrients, but only a few calories.

Other dietary fiber sources

It isn’t so difficult to consume 30 grams of fiber per day.

Just follow a whole food plant-based diet. It’s pretty rich in dietary fiber.

Certainly, legumes, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits are all high in fiber.

For instance, common foods such as ricespinachbananas, apples, or avocados all contain a great amount of fiber.

Health benefits of broccoli

Consider that a whole bunch of broccoli has only 207 calories.

Furthermore, broccoli is very nutrient-dense.

Firstly it’s rich in protein. 100 gr of chopped broccoli contains 2.8 grams of protein.

Contrary it’s low in carbs. It contains only 6.6 gr. Considering that the sugar content is only 1.7 gr, broccoli won’t spike blood sugar. It’s ideal for people who want to lose weight or have diabetes problems.

Moreover, broccoli is rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has unique health benefits. Above all, it’s a powerful antioxidant.

Additionally, 100 gr of broccoli contain calcium (47 mg), iron (0.73 mg), magnesium (21 mg), phosphorus (66 mg), potassium (316 mg), zinc (0.41 mg), manganese (0.21 mg), selenium (2.5 mcg), and traces of many other minerals.

Also, did you know that just 100 gr of broccoli contains more vitamin C than we need? It has 89.2 mg of vitamin C. That’s 118% DV.

So it isn’t necessary to take vitamin C supplements. Contrary, doses of 1000 mg of vitamin C may be useless. Why not prefer to take all the vitamin C you need from food? There are so many food options.

Remember…Broccoli is truly a superfood. It contains many minerals and a high amount of fiber and vitamin C.

What’s the best way to cook broccoli?

All veggies have both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.

Broccoli has more soluble fiber though.

When cooking the physical properties of the fiber are modified. It isn’t important though. Above all, we should worry about the nutrients.

For this reason, don’t boil broccoli. Unfortunately, many nutrients will bleach into the water if you boil broccoli.

Probably the best method is to steam your broccoli. It’s easy and fast. Let it steam, until you can cut the stem with a fork.

Serve it with lemon juice and olive oil. It’s simple, tasty and healthy.

Certainly, this meal will be super-rich in vitamin C and polyphenols. Ideal to boost your immune system.