What’s the best time to drink orange juice for weight loss?

The best time to drink a glass of orange juice without gaining weight is in the morning or before/after exercise. Otherwise, sugars in orange juice can actually make us fat.

How many calories does orange juice have?

An 8-oz glass of orange juice has about 110 calories. Furthermore, calories from orange juice come mainly from sugars. A glass contains about 26g of sugars, 2g of protein, and only negligible amounts of fat.[1]

Moreover, orange juice is 88% water. It can hydrate us effectively, as it’s rich in electrolytes.

Can orange juice make you gain weight?

Drinking a glass of homemade orange juice in the morning is actually good for weight loss. Above all, it contains only 110 calories. So, it won’t make you gain weight. On the contrary, higher doses may make it difficult for you to be in a caloric deficit. Only athletes, or active people could still lose weight, drinking more orange juice.

Can drinking only orange juice for breakfast help me lose weight?

Drinking only a glass of orange juice for breakfast won’t help you lose more weight. Most noteworthy, orange juice has no dietary fiber. So, it can’t regulate appetite for hours. You’ll soon be pretty hungry. So, you’ll probably seek sugary foods which contain too many calories.

We tend to seek foods rich in sugar, fat, and refined carbs, in order, to deal with cravings. This is actually the worst type of food for losing weight. First, it doesn’t keep us full for a long time, leading to overconsumption of calories. Moreover, it’s low in vitamins and nutrients which are necessary for a good metabolism which burns body fat effectively.

Therefore, you better drink orange juice along with a whole-grain snack. Additionally, you should add protein and some healthy fats. Seeds and nuts are great options. Fiber and protein have the greatest satiating effect![2] They can keep us full for hours!

Drinking orange juice before or after exercise is good for weight loss

Certainly, you could drink orange juice before or after exercise for faster weight loss. First, your muscles need sugars to function properly. Orange juice is an excellent source of sugars. It’s about 30% glucose, 30% fructose, and 40% sucrose.[3]

Glucose can instantly be used for energy by muscle cells. On the other hand, fructose has to be metabolized in the liver first. Therefore, it’ll be used for energy in the future when glucose will have been depleted. So, orange juice can provide athletes with steady levels of energy during exercise.

Furthermore, orange juice is great as an easy post-workout beverage. Sugars in orange juice can quickly restore the depleted glycogen stores in muscles after exercise. It’s vital for a faster muscle recovery.

Avoid drinking fruit juices at night

Certainly, the worst time for drinking orange juice is in the evening or late at night. Actually, the human body can store carbs as glycogen in muscle cells much more efficiently in the morning.[4]

As a day goes by, the body stores more carbs as body fat, instead of glycogen. Glycogen is an instant source of energy. Body fat is stored energy for use in the future.

So, we better eat our daily meals containing carbs in the morning or at lunch, if we want to lose weight.

How many glasses of orange juice can I drink a day without gaining weight?

As a rule of thumb, we lose weight when we burn more calories than those we consume. A glass of orange juice has only 110 calories. Also, it’s the easiest way to boost our daily vitamin C dose! Vitamin C can help us lose more weight.

Moreover, you could drink orange juice with foods rich in iron. Women could benefit the most. They have much higher iron needs than men. Vitamin C significantly increases iron absorption!

But, we shouldn’t drink too much. A glass of orange juice in a day is enough.

It’s pretty easy to consume too many calories from drinking sugary beverages. Most people don’t realize how many calories do they actually consume from juices and soft drinks.

Can I drink orange juice every day?

Absolutely. Drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice every day is good for your health and weight loss. Preferably in the morning. Orange juice will protect your skin and face from aging due to the dangerous UV radiation. It contains vitamin C and carotenoids, which protect the skin from UV damage!