What’s the best time to drink grape juice?

The best time to drink grape juice is at breakfast or before exercise. A glass of orange juice contains about 36g of sugars. Our bodies use sugar for energy thought the day.

Should I drink grape juice at breakfast?

Grape juice is mainly sugars. A glass contains about 32g of sugars and 150 calories. Grapes are much lower in sugars and calories, though.[1]

The breakfast is the best time of the day to drink grape juice.

Having breakfast can help improve insulin sensitivity and glucose levels.[2]

In fact, the body is more efficient in using sugars for energy in the morning. Actually, most sugars of apple juice will be stored as glycogen in the muscle tissue. They will be used as an instant source of energy later in the day.

On the other hand, drinking grape juice late at night isn’t good for you. Sugars are stored more easily as body fat. Thus, grape juice late at night may lead to obesity!

Also, you could eat oatmeal at breakfast. Fiber in oatmeal will keep you full for hours. Add a tbsp of protein powder for a higher satiating effect. Foods rich in fiber and protein tend to be more filling. On the contrary, foods high in fats have a lower satiating index.[3]

Although grape juice is healthy, it contains no fiber. Thus, it’s good for you to eat foods high in fiber when drinking any fruit juice.

A good time to drink grape juice is before exercise

Additionally, a great time to drink grape juice is before or after exercise.

Sugars in grape juice will give you energy during a workout.

Furthermore, sugar replenishes glycogen stores in muscles. Muscle glycogen stores are depleted after strenuous workout outs. Replenishment of glycogen stores is vital for faster recovery and better athletic performance. In other case, you may feel tired and fatigue. Consuming foods naturally high in sugars in the post-workout meal could significantly shorten recovery time.

When should I avoid drinking grape juice in order to lose weight?

The worst time of the day to drink grape juice is late at night. Sugar at night may cause metabolic changes, and higher concentrations of glucose and insulin. Hence, drinking grape juice at night may make you gain weight.

You should prefer eating foods with low glycemic index at dinner.

Certainly, eating whole grapes is good for weight loss. They contain less sugar. Also, grapes are packed with vitamins which burn fat.

How much grape juice can I drink a day without gaining weight?

We lose weight when we consume fewer calories than we burn.

A glass of grape juice contains about 150 calories. Hence, you should limit to a glass per day, if you want to lose weight. Overconsumption of juices or sodas is a common mistake which prevents weight loss. Most people consume much more calories than they think.