What’s the best time to eat grapefruit for weight loss?

The best time to eat grapefruit is at breakfast, or before the main meal of the day. It can regulate appetite, as it’s mainly water and fiber with only 30 calories per 100g!

Grapefruit is good for breakfast

Certainly, grapefruit is good for people who want to lose weight. A whole grapefruit has only 75 calories, it’s low in sugars, and it keeps you full for hours.[1]

Above all, you should eat grapefruit at breakfast, because it’s particularly rich in vitamin C. A whole grapefruit has about 90 mg of vitamin C. The recommended daily intake for men! Vitamin C is necessary for weight loss. It helps you burn body fat. Additionally, you better consume foods high in vitamin C in the morning, as it can protect you from the dangerous sun radiation. Actually, UV irradiation is the main reason for skin aging. But, vitamin C protects the skin. It has anti-aging properties.

Moreover, grapefruit has a high antioxidant content. We need to consume lots of foods high in antioxidants, in order, to prevent oxidative stress. Chronic oxidative stress can lead to obesity. Boosting our body with antioxidants, first thing in the morning, helps us lose weight. For instance, pink grapefruits is a good dietary source of lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant which can help us burn body fat and also, deal with obesity-associated disorders.[2,3]

Also, breakfast is a great time to consume grapefruit, as grapefruit has a pretty low glycemic index. Actually, grapefruit has a glycemic index of 25 and a glycemic load of 3.[4] Practically, it means that people who want to lose weight can safely eat grapefruit on an empty stomach! Grapefruit won’t spike blood sugar as much, as other fruits. It’s good for obese people who are hungry all the time, or people with diabetes.

Last, but not least, prefer consuming whole grapefruit, instead of grapefruit juice at breakfast. Grapefruit juice can’t regulate hunger for a long time. On the contrary, whole grapefruit reduces appetite for hours, as it contains fiber.

Additionally, you could eat oatmeal, along with half a grapefruit, for breakfast. Oatmeal is pretty rich in fiber and protein. So, it’ll keep you full for hours!

The best time to eat grapefruit is before the main meal of the day

Furthermore, a great time to eat grapefruit is before the main meal of the day. Grapefruit is rich in water and dietary fiber. A whole grapefruit has about 230g of water and 2.7g of fiber! Water and fiber have a huge satiating effect. So, we tend to consume fewer calories! Caloric deficit is key for weight loss. After all, a whole grapefruit has only 75 calories!

Following a diet high in dietary fiber can help you lose weight, improve body composition, and reduce the total percentage of fat in the body. We need about 28g of fiber a day.[5]

Additionally, grapefruit is good for weight loss, as it significantly reduce blood glucose after a meal and also improve insulin resistance.[6]

Moreover, eating half a grapefruit before the main meal of the day can reduce waist circumference and systolic blood pressure.[7]

Furthermore, grapefruit is rich in potassium. Half a grapefruit has 156 mg of potassium. Eating half a grapefruit before a meal high in salt is good for weight loss. Potassium neutralizes the negative effects of sodium. A diet high in potassium has been associated with a low body weight index (BMI), small waist circumference, and a low risk of obesity!

Grapefruit for dinner helps you lose weight

Also, you could lose weight, consuming grapefruit for dinner. Mainly due to its low caloric content. As a rule of thumb, we should consume foods low in calories at dinner, if we want to lose weight. Most people tend to over consume calories at night. So, eating foods low in calories at night plays a key for weight loss.

Additionally, vitamin C in grapefruit may help you sleep. Actually, vitamin C is good for good night sleep.

You can eat grapefruit before or after exercise

Last, but not least, you could benefit by eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice before/after exercise. Grapefruit is 92% water! So, it can hydrate athletes.

Actually, fruit juices hydrate us better than tap water. Firstly, fruit juices contain the purest water. They’re natural filters. Secondly, fruit juices are rich in electrolytes. Grapefruit juice as well… Electrolytes are key minerals for the proper function of nerves and muscles. We lose electrolytes and water when we sweat. So, restoring them is vital for sport performance!