Do raisins make you gain weight?

Do raisins make you gain weight?

Raisins are packed with vitamins. But, they’re high in calories and sugar. Too many can make you gain weight. Eat only a handful a day, along with other foods containing dietary fiber and protein, as part of a balanced diet.

How many calories do raisins have?

Raisins are high in calories, as 100g contain 300 calories![1] So, we shouldn’t consume too many, if we want to lose weight. As a rule of thumb, try to consume up to a small box (1.5oz) of raisins daily. It has about 130 calories.

Raisins may make you fat, due to high sugar content

Above all, raisins can make you gain weight, as they’re pretty high in sugar. 100g of raisins contain 65g of sugars. About 31g are glucose and 34g are fructose. That’s why raisins have a high Glycemic Index of 66.[2]

Consuming foods high in sugar with a high glycemic index is bad for weight loss. They can make us gain weight, as they increase hunger, causing overeating.[3]

On the contrary, we should follow a diet with foods low in glycemic index, high in fiber, and protein. Foods low in sugars don’t cause insulin secretion. Moreover, foods high in fiber and protein have a great satiating effect.[4]

Combine raisins with other foods to prevent gaining weight

Yes, raisins are healthy. They have many vitamins and minerals, but we shouldn’t consume them alone. They have a huge sugar content. You better combine them with other foods containing protein and fiber. Protein keeps us full for longer. Fiber delays the absorption of sugar of the meal and lowers the total glycemic load of food.

So, it’s better for losing weight to add raisins in a recipe than just eating a handful of raisins. You can enjoy raisins in whole-cereal bread or cookies. Furthermore, raisins taste great with oatmeal. Oats are filling food and help us lose weight.

Raisins at breakfast won’t make you fat

The best time to consume raisins is at breakfast. The body can metabolize sugar from food better in the morning. It transforms sugar into glycogen effectively. Glycogen is stored in muscle and provides instant energy.

As the day goes by, the body transforms more sugar into fat! So, eating raisins at dinner can make us fat. Prefer to eat them at breakfast.

For instance, you can add half a handful of raisins to your oatmeal. Oats are particularly high in fiber. Additionally, you can add some seeds or nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, or pistachios, for healthy fats and protein. It’s the healthiest breakfast.

Eat raisins before or after exercise to lose weight

Moreover, you could consume raisins before or after a workout without gaining weight. Raisins are mainly sugar. 100g of raisins contain 65g of sugar! About 47% of sugar is glucose and 53% is fructose.

Certainly, glucose is a great source of energy. Muscles can use it instantly. So, eating a food containing glucose before exercise is good for you.

Furthermore, 53% of the sugar content of raisins is fructose. Fructose isn’t absorbed as easily as glucose, though. Every cell in the body can metabolize glucose, but only liver metabolizes fructose. So, fructose provides muscles with extra energy towards the end of a workout. Certainly, eating raisins before a workout is good for athletic performance.

Additionally, consuming raisins after exercise is good for you. Glycogen has been depleted from the muscles after a workout. So, muscles need sugar to replenish glycogen and fasten their recovery.

Eating raisins instead of sugar can help you lose weight

Furthermore, raisins could replace sugar. For instance, you could add raisins in your daily oatmeal, instead of sugar.

Sugar has many calories. 100g of sugar contains 380 calories. 100g of raisins have 300 calories, along with vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B6, calcium, iron, potassium, and copper. Replacing the same serving of sugar with raisins may help you lose weight.

Moreover, raisins contain compounds that help the body produce more serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that helps us lose weight and have a good mood.

Raisins give you energy, helping you burn more calories

Besides sugar, raisins are a good source of iron. 100g of raisins contain up to 2.59 mg of iron. We need about 18 mg of iron a day. Iron is necessary for increased energy levels, as it’s vital for the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. People with increased energy tend to burn more calories throughout the day, helping them lose weight effortlessly.

Many overweight people complain about having low energy. A key reason is that they don’t absorb iron from food as effectively. They usually have increased iron requirements. So, obese people should eat foods that increase iron naturally. Besides raisins, other fruits high in iron are goji berries, prunes, currants, apricots, and figs.

Additionally, raisins are high in vitamin B6 which plays a key role in the metabolism of macronutrients and increased energy levels.

Potassium in raisins helps you lose weight

Furthermore, raisins are good for weight loss, as they’re pretty high in potassium. 100g of raisins contain about 745 mg of potassium. Men need 3,400 mg of potassium daily. Women need only 2,600 mg.

Potassium is particularly important for athletes, as it’s necessary for electrolyte balance.

Moreover, potassium is vital for the metabolism of carbs. Adequate amounts of potassium have been linked to normal body weight, and smaller waist circumference.

Therefore, consuming foods rich in potassium helps you lose weight.

Eat raisins with foods high in fiber to prevent gaining weight

Last, but not least, try to eat raisins, along with vegetables. Fiber delays the absorption of sugar, preventing insulin spikes and improving insulin sensitivity. That’s necessary for obese people who want to lose weight. So, add raisins to salads, whole wheat bread, or other recipes with whole cereals.