Are rice cakes good for weight loss?

Rice cakes are good for weight loss, as they’re pretty low in calories. But, you should prefer whole-grain rice cakes. They have more fiber, keeping us full for longer. Also, whole grains have more vitamins and minerals that the body needs to burn fat! Finally, eat whole-grain rice cakes with foods with protein to help you lose more body weight, and prevent loss of lean body mass while dieting!

How many calories do rice cakes have?

Rice cake is a popular snack for losing weight. 1 cake has only 35 calories, and a serving (30g) of rice cakes has about 120 calories.[1] Certainly, rice cakes can be a great alternative to other processed snacks which are high in calories, fat, refined flours, and sugar!

Can rice cakes regulate appetite?

Only rice cakes with 100% whole grains can regulate appetite, due to the high fiber content. A serving of whole-grain rice cake has about 1.3g of fiber. On the contrary, rice cake made from white rice have no fiber at all.

Fiber regulates appetite and keeps us full for a long time! Therefore, a diet high in fiber is beneficial for losing weight and improved body composition.[2] Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains are the best sources of dietary fiber.

You can combine rice cakes with other foods high in fiber, for a greater satiating effect!

Furthermore, rice is a great dietary source of GABA. This body chemical can regulate food intake, helping us lose more body weight!

Eat protein with rice cakes to lose weight

Rice contains decent amounts of protein. Especially, brown and wild rice. Actually, a serving of rice cakes contains 1-2.5g of protein.

We need protein to lose weight. First, protein digestion burns up to 30% of calories. Moreover, protein is vital for increased metabolism, and for protecting lean mass while dieting.

Moreover, foods high in protein, fiber, and water are the most filling ones. Less hunger, prevents overeating, making diet easy.[3]

Therefore, combining rice cakes with foods high in fiber or protein can help you lose weight. For instance, you can eat rice cakes with avocado, hummus, banana, nuts & seeds, peanut butter, tahini etc.

Nuts and seeds are pretty high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, which help the body burn more fat. So, you can eat rice cakes with hazelnut, or almond spread. Although, nuts are high in calories, they can help you lose weight...

Whole-grain rice cakes are actually good for weight loss

As a rule of thumb, prefer whole-grain rice cakes! Brown rice has more dietary fiber, and minerals, such magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc compared to white rice. Most noteworthy, brown rice is better for weight loss because it has a lower glycemic index! Also, whole-grain rice cakes are more filling.

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Rice cakes may make you fat, due to high glycemic index

Despite its low calorie content, rice cake isn’t the perfect snack for weight loss. Rice cakes have a pretty high glycemic index of 91. Especially rice cakes with low-amylose rice.[4,5]

So, most rice cakes are considered snacks with a particularly high glycemic index. Mainly, due to their lack of fiber. If you want to lose weight, you better prefer whole-grain rice cakes. They won’t spike blood sugar and insulin levels as much.

On the contrary, rice cakes made from white rice are bad for weight loss. They can significantly increase blood sugar and hunger, causing overeating. Hence, they can make us gain weight.[6]

Rice cakes with fatty food can make you gain weight

Moreover, rice cakes can make you gain weight, when we eat them with foods high in fat, but low in fiber, such as heavy cream, cheese, hum etc.

Fat contains the most calories per gram. 1g of fat has 9 calories. On the other hand, 1g of carbs or protein has only 4 calories! So, even small proportions of fatty food can make you fat.

Furthermore, eating foods with a high glycemic index, such as rice cakes, may prevent the body from burning body fat for energy.[7] So, you should eat only whole-grain rice cakes while dieting.

Eating many servings can make you fat

Most people won’t eat just a couple of rice cakes. Actually, it’s easy to consume more than a serving! A whole pack of rice cakes may have around 500 calories. Eating half a pack will give you 200-250 calories! Consuming more calories than those we burn makes us gain weight.

So, you should be more careful when eating rice cakes. They have a small satiating effect, causing overeating.

Flavored rice cakes have more calories

Rice is naturally low in sugars. But, companies want to make rice cakes taste better. Hence, they may add extra sugar, salt, or fat. These compounds make us gain weight. Sugar increases the glycemic index of food, salt increases body fat percentage, and fat makes us gain weight, due to the high calorie amount!

Prefer fruits as an easy on-the-go snack

Besides whole-grain rice cakes, fruits are also good for weight loss. Actually, they’re good for weight loss, as most of them are low in calories, high in fiber, vitamins, and powerful phytochemicals which burn fat! Certainly, banana is the easiest fruit to carry around, and it’s good for weight loss.

You should avoid processed foods, which are rich in refined flours, such as cakes, breadsticks, or pretzels.

Last, but not least, popcorn is the best snack for weight loss. Popcorn is low in calories, high in fiber and can keep us full for a really long time.