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Vegan foods high in calcium.

Cow's milk isn't the only source of calcium. There are many vegan foods high in calcium. Kale, arugula, beets, soybeans, chia & flax seeds are good sources.

Cow’s milk isn’t the best dietary source of calcium!

Cow's milk isn't the best source of calcium. Milk can cause serious diseases, such as cancer. Prefer to take calcium from plant-based foods.

Pythagoras was the first vegan, and the father of modern vegetarianism.

Pythagoras believed all living beings have souls. Didn't eat meat or fish. He's the first vegetarian. His philosophy inspired modern vegan society.

Ideas of healthy, easy & fast homemade vegan breakfast

Your vegan breakfast must be easy, fast, healthy, and tasteful. Use whole-grains, fruits, seeds & nuts are they contain all the nutrients you need.

Vegan chocolate smoothie – Healthy snack ideas for kids

Homemade vegan chocolate smoothie is the ultimate snack idea for kids. The most tasteful recipe you've seen. Children just love it.

Health benefits of eating foods high in zinc!

Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, infertility, cancer, diabetes, acne & depression... Foods high in zinc are vital to the human body.

What foods are rich in vitamin K?

What are the most Vitamin K rich foods? Why should we consume them daily? What's the best diet to follow? Can Vitamin K deficiency occur on a vegan diet?

Can you have a life extension with vitamin K?

Vitamin K is necessary for the human body as it controls many operations. Vitamin K controls blood coagulation, preventing osteoporosis, and promotes cardiovascular health. But can we say that we'll have a life extension with vitamin K?

How expensive is it to go vegan?

Did you decide to do a gift to your health? The right solution is to go vegan. Then you can make your life much...

How to become vegan the right way?

There is no to become vegan.Just start cooking plant-based food. Eat lots of legumes, veggetables, and fruits. Avoid processed food.

How to become a vegan?

Easy steps to become vegan. Go vegan overnight? Firstly, don't underestimate the power of habit. Start by eating plant-based meals. Learn how to cook. That's important...

How hard is it to become vegan?

Is it really hard to become vegan? It depends on your eating habits. If you're a person that tries to eat healthy, or if...