What’s the maximum safe zinc dose from supplements a day?

The maximum safe dose of zinc is only 40 mg a day! You better cut in half the tablet of zinc supplement. It probably contains higher dosages!

How much vitamin C in an apple?

An apple contains about 8 mg of vitamin C, or up to 10% DV. Prefer eating organic apples, as the skin is the richest part in vitamin C!


Is mouthwash harmful? Possible side effects!

The use of mouthwash twice a day may have severe side effects, such as increased risk of developing hypertension, diabetes & cancer.

Is wine good for the flu, common cold, or sore throat?

Drinking a glass of red wine a day can reduce the chances of catching the flu or a cold. Resveratrol in wine has antiviral properties!

Can a glass of wine before bed help you sleep better at night?

Drink a glass of Merlot wine 4 hours before bed to sleep better at night. Merlot is the richest beverage in melatonin; the "sleep hormone".



Do vegans need carnitine supplements?

Vegans don't need carnitine supplements. Although there aren't plant-based foods rich in carnitine, healthy people synthesize enough.

Do vegan athletes need BCAA supplements for muscle mass?

Are vegan athletes deficient in BCAA? Do vegans need BCAA supplements for building muscle mass, or are there vegan dietary sources?

Do vegan athletes need creatine supplements?

Vegans & vegetarians have lower levels of creatine. Taking creatine supplements can increase muscle mass, strength & recovery after short-term intense exercise!

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