How much sugar or stevia should children consume?

Kids shouldn't consume too much sugar, stevia or other sweeteners, as they can make them fat. Even soft drinks with zero calories make us fat.

Can vitamins cause weight gain?

Vitamins don't cause weight gain. They have no calories. But, don't overdo it. Extreme doses of vitamins can cause hormonal imbalances and obesity!

How can I increase my serotonin levels naturally?

We can increase serotonin levels naturally, eating foods with tryptophan, walking outdoors, having a high-carb breakfast & with supplements!

Taurine supplements for energy, weight loss & athletes.

Taurine supplements are beneficial for energy metabolism, burning belly fat, and weight loss. We can't get enough from body synthesis or food.

What’s a safe daily dosage of vitamin E for adults?

Most healthy adults need only 15 mg of vitamin E daily. A dosage of 400 IU from supplements is safe and it's more than enough in most cases.

Is a daily 1,000 mcg dosage of vitamin B12 safe?

You could take daily a dosage of 1,000 mcg of vitamin B12 from supplements but it isn't necessary. Once a week is even safer.


Foods with serotonin may help you quit smoking!

Smokers who try to quit smoking should increase their serotonin levels eating foods with serotonin to have a good mood & stay focused!

Does eating banana improve your mood?

Banana helps the body to synthesize serotonin. Serotonin helps you have a good mood, be happy & calm, and even deal with depression!

Can foods high in omega-3s increase fertility?

Foods high in omega-3s, such as walnuts, chia, flax & hemp seeds are good for fertility in men and women! Omega-3 supplements aren't necessary!



Do vegan athletes need BCAA supplements for muscle mass?

Are vegan athletes deficient in BCAA? Do vegans need BCAA supplements for building muscle mass, or are there vegan dietary sources?

Do vegan athletes need creatine supplements?

Vegans & vegetarians have lower levels of creatine. Taking creatine supplements can increase muscle mass, strength & recovery after short-term intense exercise!

Do vegans get taurine from food or do they need supplements?

Vegans have higher risk of taurine deficiency, as plants don't contain any taurine. Hence, vegans may benefit from taking taurine supplements!

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Can salt make you fat? How much for weight loss?

Salt can make us gain weight, as it regulates appetite, causing overeating. Also, salt makes us eat foods high in fat & calories.

Does milk & dairy make you gain weight?

Milk and dairy can make you gain weight, as they're high in calories. Even reduced fat (2%) milk may be bad for weight loss!

Can protein make you gain weight?

Protein is good for weight loss, but a higher protein intake can cause calorie surplus, leading to weight gain. Don't consume more than you actually need.

Fava beans benefits for weight loss!

Fava beans have great benefits for weight loss. They're low in calories & fat, but high in protein & fiber. Also, they regulate appetite!


Vitamin B12 dosage for bodybuilding & muscle growth!

Athletes of bodybuilding should take vitamin B12 supplements, as they may be good for muscle growth, strength, pain & faster muscle recovery.

Is vitamin D good for muscle growth & strength?

Bodybuilding athletes need vitamin D, as it's good for muscle growth, muscle recovery, delaying muscle fatigue, and improving muscle strength!

Is the protein content of quinoa enough for muscle growth?

A cup of quinoa has 8.1g of complete protein & helps you build muscle mass fast, as it's digestible and has the same amino profile as casein!

Are vitamin C supplements bad for muscle growth?

Vitamin C is vital for building muscle mass and increasing strength. But, bodybuilders and other athletes should avoid vitamin C supplements!