Beans are excellent sources of calcium.

Are beans high in calcium?

Beans are excellent dietary sources of calcium. A serving contains up to 175 mg of calcium, or 18% of the recommended daily intake!

Weight Loss

How much chromium for weight loss?

A daily chromium dose of 50 mcg is good for weight loss. It plays a key role in the metabolism of carbs, fat & protein, and reduces appetite!

Can blueberries make you fat?

A cup of raw blueberries support weight loss. But, eating too much dried blueberries or blueberry jam. cake, or cookies, can make you fat.


walnuts are low in carbs & sugar

Walnuts are low in carbs & sugar!

Walnuts are low in carbs and sugar, in particular. They have 9.5-13.7 g of carbs and 1.1-2.6 g of sugar per 100g, depending on the variety.


Vitamins & other nutrients