What’s the best time of the day to take vitamin B12?

The best time to take vitamin B12 supplements is in the morning, preferably with a meal. Especially, if you have a sensitive stomach.

Vitamin C benefits for hair growth & color!

Vitamin C is good for your hair, as it keeps hair follicles healthy, prevents hair thinning and protects the natural color of your hair!


Vitamin C protects from skin aging. Do I need supplements?

Vitamin C is vital against skin aging! It produces collagen, protects the skin from sunlight, and prevents age spots & wrinkles!

We need high doses of vitamin C for good eyesight.

Vitamin C is necessary for good eyesight. It lowers the risk of AMD and cataracts! Especially, when taken with other antioxidants!

What dose of vitamin B12 can increase fertility?

High levels of vitamin B12 may increase both female and male fertility. A weekly dosage of 1,000 mcg seems to be enough in most cases!



Do vegan athletes need BCAA supplements for muscle mass?

Are vegan athletes deficient in BCAA? Do vegans need BCAA supplements for building muscle mass, or are there vegan dietary sources?

Do vegan athletes need creatine supplements?

Vegans & vegetarians have lower levels of creatine. Taking creatine supplements can increase muscle mass, strength & recovery after short-term intense exercise!

Do vegans get taurine from food or do they need supplements?

Vegans have higher risk of taurine deficiency, as plants don't contain any taurine. Hence, vegans may benefit from taking taurine supplements!

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Almonds for muscle growth & recovery!

Almonds help athletes build muscle mass & recover faster from exercise. They're rich in protein & compounds that stimulate protein synthesis.