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Can vitamin D supplements or sunlight prevent hair loss?

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to hair loss. Exposure of the skin to sunlight & vitamin D supplements intake may prevent hair fall.

Take strontium for osteoporosis only from food, not supplements!

Eating foods rich in strontium can decrease risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture. Avoid strontium supplements. They've serious side effects.

Do foods high in iron or supplements increase my energy?

People with iron deficiency may experience fatigue. Eating foods rich in iron can increase your energy levels.

Can I get Coenzyme Q10 from food or do I need supplements?

Although the human body can naturally produce CoQ10, we should get Coenzyme Q10 from food, as well. Is diet enough or do I need supplements?

Why are plant-based foods high in phosphorus good for the body?

Seeds, nuts & whole grains are foods high in phosphorus. Eat sesame, chia, pumpkin, hemp or flax seeds to meet your daily phosphorus needs easily.

Vitamin C in tomato, ketchup & tomato juice!

How much vitamin C does a tomato contain? Is it enough for our daily needs? What's the vitamin C content of tomato juice or ketchup?

Bromelain in pineapple relieves athletes from shoulder & knee pain.

Pineapple is the only dietary source of bromelain which fights inflammation, speeds up recovery, and relieves from knee or shoulder pain.

The top-30 richest foods in chlorophyll.

Dark leafy greens, chlorella, spirulina, celery, wheatgrass, and moringa are in the top-30 list of the richest foods in chlorophyll.

Is vegan food a good dietary source of vitamin B12?

Only a few foods are high in vitamin B12. Is vegan food a good source of vitamin B12 to meet our daily needs or do we need supplements?

Are foods high in nitrates a natural pre-workout supplement?

Pure beetroot juice and some other veggies are foods high in nitrates. Nitrates deliver oxygen efficiently, acting as a natural pre-workout supplement.

Only 5 plant-based foods are actually rich in omega-3s!

We need omega-3s for good health. What's the best source, though? Fish oil or flaxseed oil? What about algae supplements for EPA & DHA?

Food, sun or supplements is the best source of vitamin D?

What's the best source of vitamin D? Can we take vitamin D from diet or do we need sun, supplements & fortified foods?