What’s the best time to eat cucumber for weight loss?

The best time to eat cucumber for weight loss is before a high-calorie meal. Cucumber consumption can decrease total energy intake and control postprandial glucose responses, while water, electrolytes, and vitamins in cucumber can help burn belly fat.

Why is cucumber good for weight loss?

Above all, cucumber is good for weight loss because it’s pretty low in calories. A whole cucumber has only 45 calories![1]

Moreover, cucumber is a good source of dietary fiber. High fiber intake has been linked to reduced risk of obesity, less body fat, and improved body composition! We should consume at least 28 grams of fiber per 2,000 calories. Unfortunately, most people who follow the standard Western diet fail to consume the recommended daily intake.[2]

Furthermore, cucumber is naturally low in sugars. A whole cucumber has only 5 grams of sugars. Hence, cucumber has a pretty low glycemic index. It won’t spike blood sugar levels. In fact, it lowers the blood sugar response of a meal. Eating lots of foods with a low glycemic index enhances weight loss, burns belly fat, and maintains a healthy body weight.[3]

Also, cucumber is good for weight loss because it’s mainly water. Actually, it’s 95% water! A whole cucumber has about 300 grams of water! Cucumber hydrates the body. Proper hydration is necessary for weight loss:

  • water in necessary for fat burning. Moreover, water reduces hunger. It regulates energy intake.[4]
  • cucumber is an excellent dietary source of electrolytes. Electrolytes are essential minerals (e.g. sodium, chloride, calcium, potassium, phosphate, and magnesium), which are important for energy metabolism.[5]

After all, foods high in water, fiber, and protein promote satiety. Cucumbers are high in fiber and water, but they’re low in protein. So, we should eat cucumbers with a high-protein meal to feel full for hours!

In addition, cucumber is a good source of carotenoids and other antioxidants. It can increase the antioxidant content of the body. Actually, obese people have lower concentrations of carotenoids in their blood. A cucumber has:[6,7]

  • 135 mcg of beta-carotene
  • 33 mcg of alpha-carotene
  • 39 mcg of lutein and zeaxanthin
  • flavonoids and tannins.

Furthermore, cucumber is particularly high in vitamin K. A cucumber has almost 50 mcg of vitamin K, or the 42% of the Daily Value! Vitamin K is also necessary for the metabolism of fat. It promotes weight loss, and burns belly fat![8]

Last, but not least, cucumber has a decent amount of vitamin C. A cucumber provides 9% of the DV. Vitamin C is also good for weight loss because it helps the body burn more fat for energy.

What’s the best time to eat cucumber for weight loss?

The best time of the day to eat cucumber for weight loss is before a high-calorie meal:

  • fiber and water in cucumber reduce appetite and control energy intake
  • vitamins C and K in cucumber can help the body burn belly fat
  • cucumber lowers the total glycemic index of the meal

Moreover, athletes and active people could eat cucumber after exercise. Electrolytes in cucumber are involved in muscle contraction, fluid and heartbeat regulation. Thus, cucumber hydrates the body more effectively than tap water!

Another great time to eat cucumber for weight loss is at night. It’s the ideal low-calorie snack before bed. However, cucumber contains certain compounds which have been associated with shorter sleep. Eat a dinner with cucumber at least 2 hours before bedtime. For a good night’s sleep, try to consume many foods with melatonin.[9]

How to eat cucumber to lose weight?

You can consume cucumber with other low-calorie, fiber-rich vegetables for weight loss, such as onion, tomato, and pepper. These vegetables can keep you full for a long time. increase. In addition, they can increase the antioxidant status of the body.

Most noteworthy, you shouldn’t peel cucumber. The skin contains the highest concentrations of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants! So, you better buy organic cucumbers. Pesticide residues tend to concentrate in the skin of vegetables and fruits. Additionally, cucumber peel detoxifies the body. In fact, it has the ability to remove heavy metals from drinking water.[10]

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