Is mustard good for weight loss?

Mustard is good for weight loss because it:

  • has a few calories
  • is low in sugars
  • has a high thermogenic effect
  • helps maintain a lean body
  • adds flavor to healthy, low-calorie foods

Mustard is good for weight loss, as it’s low in calories

People who want to lose weight can regularly eat mustard. It’s pretty low in calories. Mustard has only 60 calories per 100g. A teaspoon of mustard contains only 3 calories (1)!

Actually, mustard has the fewest calories as compared to any other favorite dressings.

Furthermore, mustard has a high thermogenic effect. Many calories of mustard are burned during digestion (2).

Mustard can replace fatty dressings

Most dressings are high in fat. A key ingredient to every dressing is vegetable oil. But, vegetable oils are almost 100% fat. They’re calorie-dense foods. A tbsp of any vegetable oil has about 125 calories! So, adding a dressing high in calories to a salad can inhibit weight loss!

Mustard has only 3.3 grams of fat per 100g. So, it’s better to replace your favorite fatty dressing with mustard if you want to lose weight. You can consume 90% fewer calories when adding mustard, instead of another common dressing or sauce.

Moreover, you could use spices in your favorite recipes. Spices are good for weight loss. They’re low in calories and give flavor to salads and other low-calorie foods. Also, spices are super healthy, They’re the richest foods in antioxidants.

Eating a tbsp of light mayonnaise is also beneficial for weight loss.

Mustard or ketchup for weight loss?

First, mustard is preferable to ketchup for weight loss because it has 50% fewer calories. Ketchup has about 120 calories per 100g.

Also, mustard is better for weight than ketchup, as it’s low in sugars. Mustard has less than 1 gram of sugars, whereas ketchup has about 22 grams of sugars per 100g. High amounts of sugar may lead to obesity. Sugar interferes with the reward center of the brain. It makes us hungry, leading to overconsumption.

Moreover, mustard is healthy because it contains decent amounts of carotenoids, like beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

On the other hand, ketchup is the main dietary source of lycopene for many people. Lycopene is a carotenoid with potent antioxidant properties.

Mustard for a leaner body

Furthermore, mustard consumption can help maintain a lean body. Actually, mustard is a natural anabolic. Scientists have found that mustard contains compounds that have similar effects as anabolic steroids (3)!

When we lose weight, we lose both muscle and fat mass. Eating foods which can preserve muscle mass is beneficial for a leaner body. Resistance training is also crucial for maintaining muscle mass while dieting.

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