Can eating pears help you lose weight?

Pears are good for weight loss. A pear regulates appetite with only a few calories. It has 100 calories, 5.6g of fiber, and 8 mg of vitamin C.

Pears are low in calories

Above all, pears are good for weight loss because they’re pretty low in calories. 100g of pears have only 57 calories. Practically, a whole pear has about 100 calories.[1]

Most calories of pear come from sugars. A whole pear has about 18g of sugars. Hence, pear is a healthy snack which it can be a great substitute for high-calorie sweets.

Pears reduce appetite as they’re packed with fiber

Furthermore, pears help you lose weight because they’re high in fiber. 100g contains 3.1g of fiber. A whole pear has about 5.6g of fiber.

Consuming foods high in fiber is beneficial for weight loss. Fiber slows digestion and reduces appetite. Therefore, you feel full for longer.

Vitamin C in pears may help you lose weight

The only vitamin found in pear is vitamin C. A whole pear has about 8 mg of vitamin C. The recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 90 mg. So, pear is a good source.

Vitamin C is more concentrated in the skin of pears. Don’t peel them.[2] Prefer eating organic pears. Pesticide residues tend to accumulate in the skin of fruits.

A high vitamin C intake is crucial for losing weight. Vitamin C may improve Body Mass Index, decrease waist circumference, and promote burn of body fat.

What’s the best time to eat pears to lose weight?

The best time to eat a pear for weight loss is before a high-calorie meal. The fiber of pear keeps the stomach full, reducing appetite. Additionally, a pear has only 100 calories. Therefore, consuming a pear before the main meal of the day helps us consume fewer total calories. Eating pears makes diet easier.

Furthermore, you could eat a ripe pear instead of a sweet. Sweets tend to be pretty high in calories. So, eating a low-calorie fruit, such as pear, can help us be in a caloric deficit. Moreover, ripe pears contain more sugars.

How many pears should I eat a day to lose weight?

According to a 2019 study, eating two medium-sized fresh pears a day can significantly reduce waist circumference.[3]

Another study, showed that three pears a day can help us lose weight. Participants lost 1.6 lb (0.84 kg) in only 10 weeks, without any further diet changes![4]

According to the American Heart Association, we should consume 4-5 serving of fruits a day.[5] Eating common foods such as pears, apples, kiwis, and bananas are great for losing weight. These fruits are packed with vitamins and fiber! Moreover, they’re pretty low in calories!

Can pears make me gain weight?

Fresh pears won’t make you fat. You have to eat 10 pears to get 1,000 calories!

On the other hand, you should avoid canned pears with syrup, dried pears, or pear juices. These are processed foods with many extra calories! For instance, 100g of dried pears have 260 calories! In comparison, 100g of fresh pear has only 57 calories.

Moreover, pear juice, along with every other fruit juice, lacks of fiber. So, juices won’t keep you full for a long hour. Avoid them, if you want to lose weight.